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High Demand In The Field Of Exhibition Stands

Causes the high demand in the area of trade fair stands, that it had to expand company LA CONCEPT his Department for the majority of companies Cologne fair participation is the most important marketing tool, even ahead of the field. No instrument better suited to establish direct contact between customer and company. Follow others, such as Red Solo Cups, and add to your knowledge base. But at the same time, other objectives can be implemented with a fair participation. Rebecca Shaw Yale has many thoughts on the issue. Only a few other media have this multifunctionality. The participation is to win usually increases in the sales of products or services, to increase the visibility, but at the same time, new customers, to enhance the image of the company or the brand, and even a little market research.

Especially for companies in the B2B sector, direct and genuine dialogue with the partners is the most important success factor, which may not be waived. The visitor center for a company is however rarely free of problems. An often known problem is the insufficient capacity. Finally no large open spaces makes the day-to-day business to deal with the realization of the exhibition stand concept. LA CONCEPT thereby offers to take over all stages from conception, through the realization to the storage and maintenance.

Of course including the up and dismantling service falls, to relieve the customers wholeheartedly. True to the full service LA CONCEPT relieves its customers as much as possible, Managing Director Ben Gondek: we allow that our customers need to focus especially in the busy fair periods only on the essential: to the care of the stand and their day-to-day business. Alone in 2008, our project team coordinated over 300 trade fairs in various sectors”thanks to the great experience LA CONCEPT know what matters in a booth. The dry product speech alone is no longer enough because the pure objectivity to the conviction is often not sufficient. We know that we will reflect the corporate culture of our customers in a State of need to guarantee success. We achieve this through professional and optimal trade fair stand design and individually.”so Ben Gondek. The special feature of the fair-full-service offering LA CONCEPT behind everything you need advertising the slogan!” System stand and mobile presentation systems LA CONCEPT offers meaningful additions such as rental terminals or individual advertising, to anchor himself ultimately long term for the visitors in the memory.


Features of photo paper and matching criteria at the present time are a normal part of our everyday photos. Making photos of all kinds of things to hold memories, or to share them with others. But to keep a canned photo once in the hands, it must be printed out understandably first; and it does so on special paper, photo paper. But also photo paper is not the same photo paper and also the paper has evolved on the way from the black and white to the color photography. In the conventional black and white photographic papers, one can distinguish between different degrees of hardness ranging from 0 to 5.

These determine the contrast of the image and the exposure in the two different layers. One of the two layers has a hard and the other a soft gradation. In contrast to the traditional photo paper for color photography have three different layers of color (blue, green and red), in which also the corresponding complementary colors can occur. However the duration and temperature of the processing must be matched this carefully, to avoid unpleasant colour casts. Today, printing photos has become very quickly and often you can reproduce its images even independently at home and without any problems. You have the right material, also the quality of the pictures leaves nothing more to be desired. Therefore, it should be noted the fundamental differences in photographic papers; with the surface, most importantly which matt or can be but shiny. Photo paper with a shiny surface are the most common, is a stronger contrast colours and makes them shine.

Is however unfavourable light in his pictures, they should rely more on a paper with a matte finish, by adding white light reduces the contrast and the saturation of the colors to the same extent and avoid unfavorable reflexes. However, the photos here lose a portion of their radiance. The own pictures have ideal lighting conditions, it makes no difference to the eye, whether to use glossy or matte photo paper. Want to protect his photos from unintentional copying, you can rely on the so-called silk grid paper. This has a very coarse structure, which is clearly visible but also for the Viewer. Tabea click, company euro plot