Winnie The Pooh Is Alive

Portable innovation from clay toys is fun and most instructive. More fun brings to unleash dampering toy of fantasy. A pity that homemade game ideas are often less attractive than finished toys. This is all the more regrettable because just children should be taught to be creative yourself and discover the world itself. Modellino, novelty of the year 2008, is the game world on its head: homemade puppets with movable arms, legs and head. What can be more exciting than the whimsical honey bear and its history as a game character to life to bring? Pooh bear is what the hit in the nursery for an inspiration for children fantasies! He and all his friends can move around and meet in his merry (himself)-painted House, a small garden with homemade grass, stems and leaves. Hours of playing pleasure with Pooh and his whimsical friends. MODELLINO deep in bear country forest is always something going on. There is the Knuffelbar Winnie the Pooh alive and experiencing the drolligsten adventure. Modellino children can now the build by Janneman Robinson imaginary characters along with House and garden. Thanks to special technology and special materials, Winnie and his friends are literally alive: have movable arms and legs and also the head can rotate. Modellino is a model set, with which children can build their own fantasy world. First comes the fun of building, modeling and painting, then the moving figures can experience self-conceived adventure. When he is finished, Pooh in different environments and scenes feels well, just like in real life in his bear country. The moving Modellino figures make it possible. Playgo has with this development already the prestigious “International Toy innovation 2008 award” won. The smooth modelling the figure parts and accessories are made. After curing emerged thus arms, legs, body and heads. Thanks to special connectors (connectors), you simply turn up, are actually movable arms, legs and heads. So are the homemade characters no longer stiff and immobile, but playable and can properly live their adventure. More fun comes with the comprehensive range of accessories in the game: a House with a garden for the painting and decorating with Modellino grass and leaves are included. Creates a world of its own. Disney Princess series proves that not only Pooh and his friends with Modellino are feasible after the movie “suddenly Princess”. This beautiful pendants, earrings and rings are made from Modellino and the connectors. Experience your game world with Modellino.