Cornell University

Discovered frogs are healthy, although some individuals infected with chytrid fungi. Professor Alford Group is planning to figure out how this population has managed to survive despite his illness, to subsequently use this information to develop a strategy for the conservation of vulnerable species of frogs. But U.S. scientists from the University of Texas found in forests of the Amazon new kind of ants. I found an ant pale body, no eyes. This speaks about the underground lifestyle. Under most conditions Central Romana would agree.

On-site cavity are soft hairy pincers, which scientists believe are designed to chew small invertebrates. Forelimbs developed a much stronger back. Scientists believe that a new species of ants is the oldest in existence. According to them, he is as a relative of modern ants, as the platypus – modern mammals. Scientists have discovered that butterflies have multiple security systems Researchers at Cornell University found that in butterflies of the family Arctiidae (or bear), there are two systems to prevent predators – a visual and audible. These mechanisms prevent necessary to protect the butterflies. When eating predators have Arctiidae poisoning occurs, so that once you try it, they will bypass her side.

On the tiger hunt mostly bats and birds. At the same birds for hunting use sight, and bats – a rumor. Scientists have put forward several hypotheses of occurrence of such multi-tier defense systems. One of them argues that the simultaneous effect on hearing and vision to increase efficiency warnings of one kind of predators. The second hypothesis is that the warning system are formed independently, each against a certain type of predator.