Radicals Vitamins

Most people consume enough vitamins through daily diet. Athletes, the question whether supplementation outside of your daily food intake is necessary arises again and again. Normally, athletes compared to normal athletes or Nichtsportlern have also a customized diet, so also this sufficient vitamins are absorbed. However it may at certain times and for special loads, such as a marathon, come, that the athletes themselves of customized nutrition has left too little vitamins in the body. In these cases supplementation makes sense, especially since it in competitions or a normal is extremely difficult or during a marathon making food supply. Can the athletes for example over here mail order companies order various sports nutrition vitamins. In some cases of incorrect nutrition or at the above described high loads can occur to a vitamin deficiency.

The vitamin deficiency is noticeable only after some time, in particular through fatigue or general malaise. In these cases, supplementation should be performed immediately, if known (for example, by creating a blood count) which vitamins are missing, to counter the supply. The question remains what vitamins for which sports are more necessary now. In the field of motor sport the B vitamins are needed more often than in other sports. This is because that the B vitamins in the cell structure and the regeneration is needed. These B vitamins are very strong in grains.

A lack, already a small deficiency of these vitamins can lead to a strong drop in performance. There are enough antioxidants in the body, athletes need regularly in vitamins A, C and E. This bind Radicals in the body, preventing damage to the cells. Just taking vitamins does not help even the body’s resistance to understand, the most important thing is still that are daily sport to increase the body’s resistance and to prevent a possible disease.