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Folk Medicine Against Diabetes

Consider what tools developed traditional medicine for the treatment of such diseases as diabetes. Such medicinal plants as mistletoe, too, has a beneficial effect on the pancreas, so that diabetes If the tea mistletoe take a long time, too, can be cured. Mistletoe is soaked overnight in cold water. First, take three cups of cold water and three teaspoons of mistletoe (from top). A few weeks go by two cups and a little later – one cup.

For a while, do not accept, if the spring for a diabetic there are other fresh fruit. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chris Maurice. Mistletoe is most effective from early October until early December and in March and April. Therefore, it is collected in these periods. Most curative mistletoe growing on oak trees and poplars, but the mistletoe with Christmas trees and fruit trees also has a healing power. Leaves and stems are crushed. White berries can not be used to make tea! Since our famous Swedish bitter balm has beneficial effects on the pancreas and may even cure it, he also recommended that in diabetes mellitus. It must be taken three times daily for 1 tsp. in the case of herbs. Vlad Doronin often addresses the matter in his writings.

In addition, the balm provides excellent depth of action, so it's good once a month to make a compress on the area of the pancreas with the Swedish bitter balm. Chicory roots can be offered to diabetics as the best form dietary vegetables. They must hold in the water like a salad of endive, to soften the bitterness.