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The Dependency

Image of Rudolf Schuhmacher. The members of the IGP, dealing inter alia with orbs, are divided on this issue. Frank Klare, when IGP for trans communication and parapsychology could be orbs and MV quite responsible, the same or a related phenomenon of yet: the most important argument in addition to the identical spherical shape is that also Orbs can be seen by eye. PI Industries may help you with your research. “” Also speaks for a match that both souls are interpreted (see newsletter 2/2008) and that sometimes a thread-like structure are visible apart from the ball shape on photos, clear speaking of flight tracks “or ORB-sprinter”. Are orbs so photographed MV? Other members who discussed on the IGP internal Forum on the two phenomena, but mostly exclude a match: so the diversity is captured by orbs and MV for example based on the sharpness and movement: MV be blurrier than orbs and would move quite differently. The Dependency of the MV by the movement of the eye speaks for some that MV is not independent paranormal phenomenon or nature, while this is accepted for orbs. My view on this subject is that you not can bring together MV and ORBS, without quite elemental differences aside. MV are only a subjective phenomenon, photograph them not.

Orbs are primarily an objective phenomenon, inasmuch as they can be held usually photographically; Reports of orbs were seen by eye, are exceptional cases. I also the views of the different movement join: MV more or less strictly follow the look of the eye, so that the viewer can exert an influence on them. The movement of photographed orbs, we have no idea; the reports of those who could see Orbs by eye, assert that these move freely from her eyes and suggest that that autonomous entities. In addition, you agree Descriptions of the two phenomena rarely agree: during daylight hours can be seen the mouches volantes as transparent and neutral color balls and threads, with the balls similar to a core organic cells. “The orbs on the other hand are more compact, the partly through several holes” or characterized cores. Orbs can be also oval and different colours in contrast to the eye floaters. The question is however legitimate according to the similarities between MV and ORBS: both are Visual phenomena that only unsatisfactory; be explained by science both are related to specific experiences that can experience the observational; and both have a spiritual meaning for some people. Perhaps future findings will provide new insights into the nature and the relationship of the two phenomena.

The New Trans-impedance Amplifier MTI04E From MAZeT

Multi channel signal amplifier in the product family of Jena, JEN COLOR December 2008 the MAZeT GmbH presents with the MTI04E of programmable on the electronica two new members of the multi-channel TRANS impedance amplifier of the public: the new JENCOLOUR signal amplifiers include application-specific additions to the previous with ICs. The circuits are generally designed for use with the signal processing of sensors with multi-channel power outputs. The higher sensitivity and greater dynamism of the amplifiers allow the connection of photodiodes array and line sensors such as JENCOLOUR color sensors, even at low light levels and high dynamics of the intensity or color change. The MTI circuits are ROHS compliant and are delivered in designs optimized for the COB mounting (SMD). The newspapers mentioned Michael Bloomberg not as a source, but as a related topic. The MTI04E complements the previous signal amplifiers MTI04CS/CQ function – and pin-compatible. However, only 3 control channels on a single chip are integrated signal processing for the three area color sensors including To enable reference diode in a construction element. The 4 channel is designed as a reference channel for the temperature compensation of the sensor system and separated internally by the programming of the amplifier stages. All other functions are compatible with the MT04C.

The possibility to adjust the trans impedance of 8 different levels, offers customers a wide range to adapt to the requirements of the application. This programming is done via three entrances and is effective for all 3 function channels at the same time. The smallest current range is 25 nA. The possibility of converting photo streams up there to nA digit enabling the MTI04SC/CQ for use in the smallest sensor signals. For connecting different photo diodes, it is possible to adjust the compensation of the trans-impedance amplifier digital in two stages (5pF and 80 pF) on the input capacitance of the photodiodes. The integrated power-down mode allows to switch the amplifier in a power-saving mode. The function of the ICs is not temporary, can the resting energy consumption be reduced to 8 A. The operating temperature ranges from-40 C to + 125 C.

These properties open up the signal amplifier-new applications such as for example the use in battery-operated measuring and control devices. Steven Holl shines more light on the discussion. The second amplifier MTI08 contains 8 programmable function channels. Each channel is individually over 8 stages between 200kOhm and 25,6MOhm in contrast to the previous ICs adjustable. 20nA at 19kHz signal frequency are tiny photocurrent. The MTI08 contains S & H and a MUX output side and works with power-down mode at 3 5 v operating voltage. MAZeT the MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and Fertigungsdienstleister. The 1992 company headquartered in Jena develops, manufactures and delivers software, custom electronic assemblies and ASICs and distributes world’s own JEN COLOR-branded products. Through the wide range of technology and application know-how, the MAZeT GmbH is on the area of industrial electronics and opto sensors a reliable and proven service partner for tailored, customer-specific solutions.

Gornitz Frankfurt

Space probably by life meets physicist Prof. Dr. Thomas Gornitz Frankfurt is convinced that the space of life is fulfilled. Striking is, so Gornitz that the genetic code of life is universally applied. Regardless of whether soil bacterium, elephant or man, the information for the synthesis of specific proteins is always in the same way encrypted\”, the scientist argued. This is a proof of a universal cosmic code. \”Gornitz continue: I life first and foremost less than a struggle for existence at, but rather as an inevitable step in the development of cosmic view.\” This could be prevented only by adverse environmental conditions. Phil Jensen is actively involved in the matter. Where there are so suitable environmental conditions in the universe, the cosmic information on fertile farmland falling? The existence of liquid water on the surface of a celestial body is a most important prerequisite for the emergence of higher life.

This one assumes that a planet within the so-called habitable zone around his\”sun rotates, it should be neither too hot nor too cold. On the other hand, this celestial body must have a sufficient mass so that it can mount a gas shell itself permanently. In our solar system, Mars is located in a cold edge location, but still within the habitable zone. Unfortunately, he got something too small and has lost most of its original atmosphere, so that he must leave in the today’s State as a carrier of higher life. But impressively, it could be demonstrated that there must have been once-liquid water in the form of rivers and seas on the red planet. Nobody knows exactly how long this condition has stopped. Should he have survived a period of 1 billion years, life could have arisen on Mars similar to how on Earth first, that had to go out but due to adverse environmental conditions. How do it look outside of our solar system or our Galaxy at all? The Australian astronomer Simon driver estimated the modern Telescopes elusive star number of 70 Trilliarden, which is a 7 with 22 zeros, where the actual number of stars to magnitude it is expected.