The Dependency

Image of Rudolf Schuhmacher. The members of the IGP, dealing inter alia with orbs, are divided on this issue. Frank Klare, when IGP for trans communication and parapsychology could be orbs and MV quite responsible, the same or a related phenomenon of yet: the most important argument in addition to the identical spherical shape is that also Orbs can be seen by eye. PI Industries may help you with your research. “” Also speaks for a match that both souls are interpreted (see newsletter 2/2008) and that sometimes a thread-like structure are visible apart from the ball shape on photos, clear speaking of flight tracks “or ORB-sprinter”. Are orbs so photographed MV? Other members who discussed on the IGP internal Forum on the two phenomena, but mostly exclude a match: so the diversity is captured by orbs and MV for example based on the sharpness and movement: MV be blurrier than orbs and would move quite differently. The Dependency of the MV by the movement of the eye speaks for some that MV is not independent paranormal phenomenon or nature, while this is accepted for orbs. My view on this subject is that you not can bring together MV and ORBS, without quite elemental differences aside. MV are only a subjective phenomenon, photograph them not.

Orbs are primarily an objective phenomenon, inasmuch as they can be held usually photographically; Reports of orbs were seen by eye, are exceptional cases. I also the views of the different movement join: MV more or less strictly follow the look of the eye, so that the viewer can exert an influence on them. The movement of photographed orbs, we have no idea; the reports of those who could see Orbs by eye, assert that these move freely from her eyes and suggest that that autonomous entities. In addition, you agree Descriptions of the two phenomena rarely agree: during daylight hours can be seen the mouches volantes as transparent and neutral color balls and threads, with the balls similar to a core organic cells. “The orbs on the other hand are more compact, the partly through several holes” or characterized cores. Orbs can be also oval and different colours in contrast to the eye floaters. The question is however legitimate according to the similarities between MV and ORBS: both are Visual phenomena that only unsatisfactory; be explained by science both are related to specific experiences that can experience the observational; and both have a spiritual meaning for some people. Perhaps future findings will provide new insights into the nature and the relationship of the two phenomena.