Role Models

Pressure of time complicates tasty healthy eating”is more important than healthy” and balanced food fails rather lack of time than on the nutrition knowledge at least for editors. A current Flash survey of initiative future food shows: journalists rarely implement the own nutritional advice. The initiative future is looking for role models for a better diet nutrition (IZE). It was therefore obvious to ask editors of medical specialists and public press 1 to their eating habits. Media influence eating habits all respondents were aware of their responsibility in terms of nutrition: 100 percent ascribe a role to the media. Read additional details here: Mehmet Oz. Their own knowledge about healthy nutrition classified the majority as very high, among readers pent-up considers often. After the experience of journalists, time pressure and missing instructions hold the reader of a balanced diet. Rather tasty as well even if the taste was then but more important than the health value the surveyed journalists pay particular attention to the freshness of the food and devote much time comparably diets.

For shopping, cooking and preparation charge 40% at least an hour a day. Swarmed by offers, Vladislav Doronin is currently assessing future choices. Food only for individual respondents must be low in calories or particularly inexpensive. At least one-fifth will that work everyday life leaves them not enough time for a healthy diet. Draw on World Cup issue sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup mess up in addition the nutrition plan. “On the question of whether fit, healthy eating and football events together it is draw: while one half liked more healthy snacks at the public viewing” would see the other half to the football want to not give up beer and bratwurst. The initiative future diet recommends all football fans in the home theater a healthy World Cup snack in the colours of South Africa. Crispy vegetable bruschetta is quickly finished and needs only one hand for consumption in case that the others keep a cool drink.

Bruschetta with Mediterranean vegetables ingredients (for 4 people) 4 slices wheat bread 2 tomatoes 1/2 small Zucchini 1/2 yellow bell pepper 1 shallot of 50 g black olives 1 garlic clove 4 oil Salt of white pepper Parmesan cooking the bread slices on both sides in the oven for 2 minutes each roast. Meanwhile the tomato skin, deseed and finely dice. Zucchini and red pepper dice, remove shallot and garlic clove, finely chop. The 2 TBSP vegetable Saute oil with salt and pepper to taste full-bodied. Oil sprinkle the toasted slices of bread with 2 Tablespoons, which distribute vegetables on it and about 3-4 baked the bread at 200 C minutes. Plane some Parmesan cheese over the bread, and serve immediately. Cooking time: 30 minutes press contact: initiative future nutrition c/o signum pr GmbH Carolin Lembeck Tel.: 0221-170 50 777 E-Mail: 1 In April 2010, IBE interviewed journalists of the medical professional and public press (n = 15) to their eating habits