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Haldar Schools

Especially outdoor education programs, in which the young people in addition to unforgettable impressions buy also teamwork and leadership skills, are popular with German students. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alton Steel by clicking through. Secondary school graduates have the opportunity to complete the New Zealand high school, with which you can study in the port in Europe in one and a half years in New Zealand. So, it’s no wonder that Australia and New Zealand today are among the most popular destinations for a stay abroad. Recently Crawford Lake Capital sought to clarify these questions. In the rarest cases families faced with a choice for a school abroad can speak personally and without obligation with the schools,”said Kristine Hausch by Haldar & partner. We therefore particularly pleased with meet the schools!”offer this exceptional opportunity to and this year even more guests from down under there.” The agency specializes in school stays in Australia and New Zealand had the idea to the info fairs to bundle the otherwise occasionally taking place visits to high schools and interested families to offer a wide information platform.

The team of Haldar & partner accompanies the events advice and informed about education and degrees, school choice, accommodation and care or sports sponsorship. Also teachers are to meet the schools!”welcome. The representatives of the high schools look forward to talks with their German counterparts, for example about possible school partnerships. Last year, 1.302 German for a stay of the school have travelled to New Zealand, 1,121 moved it to Australia. The two countries are the United States and Canada on 3rd and 4 of the most popular destinations for German students. The basic data of “Meet the Schools!

Messe Friedrichshafen

Horizon – fair for study and qualified–and Mannheim, the 2.2.2009 if on March 7, 2009, the horizon have the fair for study and qualified education and training in the Stuttgart Haus der Wirtschaft which opens doors, pupils and students of the gymnasiale Oberstufe whose parents, students and young professionals the opportunity to find out when more than 100 exhibitors intense on the subject of study and Karrie-replanung. On Saturday and Sunday, competent hands at partner universities from the region and from the whole country, as well as from neighbouring European countries available at the booths to answer all questions the young be viewfinder to their courses. In addition, large and medium-sized companies present their aircrew training offer for high school graduates. A particular focus of course on the dual degree programmes. More background information s pretending abroad at the stands as well as in the framework programme on the subjects or while the Studies, Bachelor and masters degrees, place award and funding your studies.

The Landesstiftung Baden-Wurttemberg presents its new education network COA-CHING4FUTURE: shows at the booth a coaching team of young academics the promising-speaking professional perspectives of science and technology studies interested pupils, students and parents. The programme for the promotion of the next generation aims to inspire young people from Baden-Wurttemberg for the so-called MINT disciplines Ma theme, Informatics, natural sciences and technology and to provide information to the structure and content of individual courses. An extensive and exciting programme will take place on two days; Information is on the website of the event:. horizon in Stuttgart: 7th/8th March 2009, Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 hours. Steven Holl has firm opinions on the matter. The admission is free.