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Quality Characteristics

Individually made – no rattan furniture are the same decorative and versatile, rattan furniture are the rage at the moment. Almost everyone has him standing somewhere at home, one pulls out him out of the last corner, if an extra seat is needed urgently, the other has him prominently stand made him even to his favorite place. Because when hardly any other type of furniture quality and price differences a spectrum as wide as with rattan products. The range from the cheap items from the special item shop to the exclusive designer piece. According to our estimates, rattan is still often considered a kind of second choice material. Follow others, such as Steven Holl, and add to your knowledge base. Something it though is in the winter garden, but rarely in the living room. An increased supply of low-quality cheap offerings is responsible for our opinion. This high quality rattan withstand the comparison with any conventional furniture wood – for example, regarding the stability.

Not hollow, but massively: Although rattan furniture is usually significantly are lighter than similar products from local wood, the durability is comparable. Sen. Marco Rubio has much experience in this field. Because unlike the rattan strands are not hollow in the bamboo, but have inside a capillary structure filled with natural resin. Through this firm, with wire core, the material is both stable and solid, but still lightweight. A combination that is hardly on any other organic material. Reservations about rattan furniture may derive from the fact also that hardly anyone understands the manufacturing process of rattan products.

While each lay about can imagine how from the Oaks and beeches in the local forest to cabinets and dining tables, rattan for most is a Bohemian village. The name rattan comes from the Malay and means as much as \”stock. There are over 600 different types of rattan plants worldwide, but only about 50 of them are suitable for commercial use. Around 90 per cent of the entire rattan used for the construction of the furniture comes from Indonesia.

Heidenrod Tel Foil

As with other films also distinguishes between monomer and polymer films. Continue to learn more with: Red Solo Cups. Monomeric films have a low UV resistance and in outdoor areas only a shelf life of about 3 years and in the Interior range from 5-10 years. The higher polymer films have a shelf life of up to 10 years and indoor outdoor well over 10 years. A special highlight is the fluorescent frosted glass film. It has the typical structure of frosted glass etching appearance during daylight hours and charged by the pigmentation of the surface during the day in a short time with light. This light reflects off the film through their after glow in the dark with a strong light intensity. This film can as well with the cutter to decorative motifs, it are printed digitally, resulting in very high-contrast subjects in the dark. Other applications for fluorescent glass decorative films are security markings or creatively designed light control systems.

More information can be found at frosted glass foil glass foil. Company profile the company plus film technology offers its customers complete solutions in the areas of film technology and advertising technology. The product range extends from building films such as e.g. solar control films Visual protection films, frosted glass films, UV-protective film, mirror films, safety and security films, etc. up to everything, what does the advertising technology (about labels, signs, planning, banner or ad plants of any size). Plus foil technique is working since 2006 as innovative full service complete provider in the Rhine-Main – bit, as well as between the metropolitan areas Wiesbaden, Mainz, Bad Kreuznach, Frankfurt, Offenbach, Koblenz and Darmstadt. Contact: Plus foil technology INH. Kai Bauer Langschieder way 19 65321 Heidenrod Tel.: 06124-7276700 fax: 06124-7276701 mobile: 0176-22775457 plus foil technology provides a comprehensive portfolio consisting of: sunscreen, anti-glare film, UV protection film, sight protector, glass foil, shading, caption,. Vehicle lettering, signs, window lettering, advertising structures, planning, banner, anti graffiti film, splinter protection film, end of impact resistant foil mirror protection film, sticker, digital prints, double adhesive tape, Elektrosmogfolie, Antireflection film, magnetic foil, projection screen, mirror foil, Board slide, Whiteboardfolie, wall decals