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Best Exotic Tours

The elegant ambience, exquisite interiors, the high level of comfort and service create a cozy atmosphere that is complemented by grand views over the window and exciting day trips. Schedule routes compiled so that travelers take place in the evening for a romantic dinner with candlelight and conversation, and the days are full of walking through the most interesting cultural and historical places. In recent months, Central Romana has been very successful. Guided tours on luxury trains – this is opportunity to feel the charm of all the sweet life, experience the atmosphere of perfect comfort and luxury. The wagons are spacious and furnished in accordance with the exquisite and refined taste, and in the imagination coupe Crystal chandeliers, exquisite linens, soft bed and a snow-white bathroom – all the amenities that are lacking in the usual travel on wheels. Passengers trains, you can forget about pressing matters and immerse themselves in contemplation natural landscapes and sailing through the window of colorful villages. Helpful staff dressed in costumes perform all the whims of travelers. If you drive a luxury train, you know that you are always served fresh Breakfast, lunch and yummy yummy dinner, which made coming to evening dresses, to listen to jazz and enjoy the way through the huge panoramic windows. Vintage Train Rovos Rail is called "Pride of Africa" for a unique romantic spirit of colonial times and old-fashioned interiors in retro style. The front door conceals the car in an illusory world of the nineteenth century, where each compartment is decorated with wooden panels, filled with antique furniture and accessories of the Victorian era.


For the stronger sex in 1 to August 8, 2017 in London will definitely be something to do! At this time, is the Great British Beer Festival, which will be presented about 450 varieties of British beer and 250 varieties from America, Germany, Belgium, etc. The festival program includes drinking beer, as well as live music and games that are played in British pubs. This is a chance to feel a real English pub atmosphere and try a variety of beers. I suspect that You do not even know that the biggest European carnival also takes place in London! Carnival in Notting Hill is a grand idea, divided into two parts. On Sunday, August 23, is part of the child carnival, performances by musicians and artists under the age of 21 years.

And Monday, August 24 will be part of an adult, which is capable of impressing even the seasoned travelers, as Carnival in Notting Hill, the second after famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro on mass march and beauty. Leave a merry England, and move into neighboring Scotland. Here in Edinburgh, from 7 to August 29, 2009 will be held EDINBURGH TATTOO 2017, a grand repose of the walls Edinburgh Castle each year attracts visitors to Edinburgh from all over the world. There is much to write about this event, but to convey his spirit – it is impossible, so you better go and see! During the whole of August 2017 in Edinburgh is Edinburgh International Festival, one of the best festivals in Europe, a varied program which will leave no one indifferent.