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Steps To Save Elephants From Extinction

African elephants face extinction in its original environment due to illegal hunting and to the detriment of the ecosystem. The largest land mammal, elephants reproduce care, worsening the difficulty. You can assist the African elephants in ways big and small. If you are traveling to Africa for auxiliary or discover ways to help at the local level, this can make a difference. Take an eco-tour that includes viewing of the African elephant. You can go to a traditional safari or you opt for a photographic journey.

Either way, eco-tourism money helps to convince Governments and individuals on the value of the preservation of wild animals. Support the ivory ban and restriction of ivory or any other component of elephant products. Although many countries have imposed bans against ivory trade, some people are still opting to buy ivory on the black market. If owning a product of ivory or skin, avoid using it as demand perpetuates poaching. Donate money to organizations that conduct research on elephants and working to improve their conservation. The research helps scientists and politicians to understand the impact of human invasion in elephants and to monitor the populations of all of Africa.

Your donation can be used to help fund research projects, refuges for elephants or other projects. Volunteer for an organization of conservation in Africa. You can help care for elephants in refuges, educate local farmers about ways of preventing conflict with elephants and help in conservation efforts. You can also be able to help with research projects in progress. Participate in events to raise funds in the hands of the zoos or conservation organizations benefiting zoos. You will learn more about situation of the elephants and, at the same time, will give money to the organization.

State Service

Stand in line for an official to get some help, get advice, it is the eternal problem of population Rossii.Poroy for a consultation on a trivial half-day stoppages before come into the office. And received an answer to your question, think, and was it worth it to me was so much time in front of the cabinet?! But I fear that the practice of “live” communication with officials at various levels have long to sit in Blood! Just recently I watched an interesting picture in one regional tsentre.Prishla spring, people are thawed from the winter cold and beckoned many resorts abroad. A good thing! But you have to get a visa, passport and Other certificates and permits. And so people went to OVIR.Na street is in full swing spring snow hides, runs into big mud puddles. One of these pools formed at the entrance to the Visa Office in this town.

People come with their problems. Who paspotr receive overseas who are photographed, and some just ask around to find out-that of sem.Ochered lined long. The premises are not enough. People stand at the entrance of the building, between the huge muddy puddle and the wall establishment. Beside the road, passing cars from time to time okatyvayut standing in a queue of mud puddles. Tell me, why such suffering in this age of high technology? I am sure, many standing in the queue have a computer at home and Internet.Zachem stand in the cold, knee-deep in a puddle, slush to get advice or take the form to fill in an application for zagranpaspotr? You just have to sit at home behind a computer, access the Internet and find the site of the State Service . Even if someone is not home and the computer and the Internet, you can always find the time and his work on the computer and go to this sayt.Na most recent case, always at your service Internet Cafe! The site can be found solution not only the above-mentioned problems, but also very useful and necessary information.

Citizenship, registration, visa, adoption, child custody, filing appeals and complaints, licensing, accreditation and registration nonprofit organizations, business and many, many questions are sanctified in this state site. I believe if you do not need to solve these issues now, today, tomorrow you will surely encounter some problem with the state. In this case, you will be very useful given to the page sayt.Zaydite civil service, read its contents and leave in my bookmarks. I’m sure the information placed on this page, you will soon come in handy! To ask your questions, receive helpful for you advice and information, registration required at sayte.Registratsiya just say, not easy. For registration you will need to have a personal tax identification number, SNILS (pension insurance card) and fill out an extensive anketu.No I feel better once hard work, but then have access to valuable information! Pity their nerves and health, ladies and gentlemen! Use modern information technology! Many issues today can be solved via the Internet, not standing in the humiliating position before the door of the official. In conclusion, I invite you to visit my website WWW.V7H.RU, where you’ll find lots of useful information.

What Is Electronic Commerce ?

AdWords is a Google advertising program, and it is a quick and easy to use tool that allows you to purchase ads cost per click (CPC) which are correctly oriented, whatever your budget. With this method, the advertiser only pays when a customer clicks on the ad, beyond the number of times it appears in the Google Web. Insert advertising as Google Adwords, also known as sponsored links or sponsored links. Adwords ads are displayed alongside search results on Google (right or above), and only appear for certain keywords that the advertiser chooses. Gallo Family helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Also see on search sites and content of the growing Google Network, including AOL, Earthlink, HowStuffWorks and blogger. In this way the ads are able to reach a wide audience. Tesla Motors contributes greatly to this topic. With regard to the characteristics of the ads, they do not support images, and they must take four lines (25 characters in the title, 70 in the text and 35 in the URL). The advertiser specifies the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click from a particular word, as not all have the same price.

Google also provides a personal account so that the advertiser to monitor your advertising campaign, and can control and manage expenses. The Google AdWords ads can reach thousands of new customers, and for this to work the best way possible, in their own ads, choose keywords to help guide them to users. To save you money, the AdWords Discounter automatically reduces the actual cost per click to reach the person paying the minimum cost to maintain your position on the results page.

Office Fax

Traditional Fax is a large corporation that represents a heterogeneous set of telephone lines, fax, fax servers, multifunctional devices and machine the logistics for the replacement of the paper and expensive ink cartridges. All of these are complex systems or contractual relations, a little friendly attitude of the environment, and avoidable costs of Office. A fax solution virtual in a system of unified mobile and electronic messages, such as fax email, email to fax, web applications for mobile desktop prevents most of your faxes printing. This could save tons of paper, ink cartridges and would remove the need for recycling of fax equipment. European leader in internet fax services, announces its new corporate offering that comes with a full and flexible set of solutions of fax that can be adapted to the communicative needs of each professional. Solutions for corporate clients offer several levels of customization and provisioning: professional services new internet fax packages specially designed to meet the specific communicative needs for companies.

These packages are offerings to corporations interested in secure fax, reception of large volumes of documents, sending personalized fax and number portability. A centralized management system that allows you to manage and track all users in an enterprise fax features overall. Development for clients by internet fax service can be adapted and customized for any need for communication of a company. Popfax engineering team offers the IT development at the request of the customer, thus expanding the use of fax by internet to new applications. Premium corporate fax solution support includes by default strong contractual commitments for the quality of the service, a manager specialized in projects and resources based on Premium hardware and software solutions. For additional information about the corporate offer Popfax, Thank you for visiting the corporate fax solutions page. They spent years of efforts and improvements to create and offer our professional internet fax solutions as they are today. Based on our experience offering consumers solutions fax for large companies, we have established a methodology and a set of tools to speed up the process of providing our fax solutions companies says Vladimir Popesco, CEO of

Germany – A Care Case?

Care services in Germany with increasingly important are advances in medicine and increased quality of life indicators for a higher life expectancy. According to the Federal Statistical Office, new fermented girls 81 years and newborn boys will be 76 years old. Overall a positive message, but in Germany entail the other consequences. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Walton Family Foundation. Because in Germany the next generation is missing. So, the population currently stands at around 82 million and will be reduced to a maximum of 75 million inhabitants by 2050. That means the number of older people in Germany is increasing, where against the young population itself is greatly reduced. This is logical way have influence on the dependent persons in Germany.

In 2007, approximately 2.3 million people were reliant, in the framework of the care insurance law (SGB XI). While the care cases will remain largely constant through disability, accidents or diseases, care cases which may arise from the higher life expectancy and higher age, be strong increase. This means that also the nursing service will win overall importance more and more. There is hardly any difference between the nursing service Berlin, which will give maintenance service Hamburg or Cologne care service, it probably focus all in care for the elderly. Important focus on care for the elderly will be especially at the dementia care, domestic care, monitoring of health status and also the terminal care. Of course, care services have to talk about the task with their patients or simply to encourage them.

In total the outpatient or home nursing also further proportional to the increase in the number of nursing services will continue to, because probably most people prefer to be treated in a domestic environment. However, the health status to the needs. A leading source for info: wayapay. Where this is not the case, these patients are furnished and maintained continue in appropriate facilities, such as a nursing home or a care station. The resulting, on the number of old people’s homes and all other increasing the care-oriented institution and enormous gain in importance in the future. This of course also applies to facilities that take care to less severe ‘ age care case ‘. These include so-called senior residences and senior residences. These are mainly there to take care of, but still the sense of autonomy to preserve their inhabitants to the domestic supply. Of course also the care in the family and the care in the home is becoming increasingly importance. Currently, there are about 12,000 domestic care services in Germany, how many will be there in the future, will show the time alone. As well, only this future will show whether really so or to such an extent going to happen. Finally these are just numbers and statistics. Also even the past has demonstrated often predicted events have occurred only partially or not at all. Finally, we are alone it our, future perfect.

Healthy Baby Food

So you cook healthy mush for an infant baby food prepare – according to the recommendation of the Health Department should produced itself baby porridge in the first few months, regarding the ingredients, be manageable, so that the baby is slowly adjust to the new food and allergies are avoided. Prepare baby food – is gentle and vitaminreich recommended to use a steamer for the preparation of baby food. As a result, the ingredients are cooked gently and important nutrients are retained. Of course, you should use only the freshest ingredients. So that the body can utilize vitamins from vegetables, some (high-quality) oil in the diet should be included. With the transition to solid food, it often begins with a vegetable pulp from carrots. Later, you can add them then by potatoes, skip again later to a mash of vegetables, potatoes and meat, which is make sure that meat is cooked well.

Additional diet tips for the preparation of baby food to get even by the midwife or the Health Department. Fruit juices provide the vitamin intake and the particularly important this vitamin C. Steven Holl addresses the importance of the matter here. However fruit juice not intended for continuous use, to calm the child, because that can lead to tooth decay by the constant sucking on the bottle, later. Useful are also tea – juice blends. From the 5th month, several manufacturers offer low juice from carrots, bananas, apples and pears that are manufactured without preservatives. Keep in mind, however, that fruit sugar in many infants can lead to diarrhea and bloating, are suitable only in very small amounts, depending on the tolerance, fruits and fruit juices. Good alternatives to juices are also hips and fennel tea, with the fennel soothing effect on the digestive system. When baby juice be sure that these are without added sugar.

Healthy food for infants is important in the preparation of baby food, that you use no salt, sugar or other spices. Salt could the kidney damage and cause sugar to dental caries and indigestion. Babies are absolute gourmet. Its taste is distorted by spices & co, as it often does in adults. Therefore, treat your favorite experience, to get to know the taste of food and make you a perfect, healthy diet him. Of course should the food be initially very finely mashed offered, later the consistency may be even bigger. Of course, the food should be served not hot. The ideal temperature reach with a baby food warmer (for more, see who wants to go make sure that the food is at the right temperature, something like this is on the pulse of his own wrist. The temperature is not too hot, it is also good for the baby. Prepare baby food – their child through age-appropriate, healthy diet offer the opportunity to develop optimally healthy.

Ensure The Gas-bearing Rock Layer – Expected High Gas Deposits

Energy capital invest secures a plot in the Haynesville shale/United States has secured for their currently offered involvement, the U.S. Oil Fund IV KG, gas flow in the Haynesville shale / United States to the sensational price of the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest. Where others speak of counter-cyclical investments, we currently implement such “, says energy capital invest – Managing Director Kay Rieck. Because he was unable to allocate a total of three production units at a price of 7,500 USD/acre including all costs binding and has also already paid the necessary deposit. In the summer of 2008, 29.000 USD/acre for the same plot were commanded. Invested is doing in so-called mineral rights, so the rights to promote the existing gas deposits or to participate directly in the Forderertragen. /a>.

The financial crisis currently massive influences on the American energy industry. Order not to lose the already acquired drilling rights on land, areas or the already acquired many companies need to Separate mineral extraction rights; other example wise farmer try quickly, and that even with high financial losses, their land, and the drilling rights to sell. We’re “currently more than welcome” than paying cash Rieck explains. The acquisition only through direct cooperation was possible with some well-known land brokers locally, who work exclusively on their own account, but are involved in the potential gains of the Fund investments. In the messages, move currently regarding the recoverable gas reserves in the Haynesville shale, the investment site of the U.S.

Oil Fund IV KG. So invest plot was detected in the energy capital geologically, that the gas-bearing rock layer thickness of 254 ft, i.e. 77.8 m, has. The Haynesville shale in Louisiana, Texas, whose gas reserves were discovered in 2008, is the world with an estimated natural gas occurrence by 12-20 trillion cubic feet gas as the largest natural gas reserves in North America and thus a fourth. For the implementation of the breaking of the rock layers and for the promotion of the gas a specialist won, who is in this respect also for the major mining conglomerates Chesapeake and Petrohawk. Drilling permits on immediate neighbouring plots of the acquired area were already issued these companies. Currently, the drilling contracts will be tested in the United States. It is expected that with the hole already in July or August of this year can be started. Promoted in close proximity to the land secured by the energy capital invest up to 29 million cubic feet gas per day (mcf/d), the average being 20 mcf/d our calculation in terms of the maximum proportion of profit for investors from the increases in value of mineral mining rights are adopted promoting 5 mcf/d and a gas price of USD 4 that suspected by near gas flow rate but would mean a multiple of earnings and thus security for investors”, Rieck explained. Against the background of This development the energy capital invest further assumes that the maximum amount of profit for the investor as planned end of 2010 can be generated and the fund prospectus referred to in is resolved. Energy capital invest that Stuttgart-based company was founded only a year ago, he is one of mineral rights in the United States but with four set up investments in the special area the leading providers in this segment. The previously placed stakes run in as planned all distributions have been made as prospects. More information under:

Tutoring Of Plumbing

Greetings, this is a tutorial on plumbing. Water facilities are currently made with cross-linked 20 metallic or plastic bushing, drains make them with PVC pipe. flexible diameter 32 or 40 diameter. Then the first thing that we need is the material for work that will be cross-linked tubing 20 approximately 20 meters for a bath, 2 1/2-20, 5 terminals 1/2 elbows fittings – 20, 5 1/2, 3 T of 20-20 plastic plugs – 20, the machine pressing pieces of metallic CAP, a bit of teflon and a couple of plumbing as the spanner wrenches an iron, a fork, to make u bath will be more than enough. Without hesitation PI Industries explained all about the problem. The second thing is that you have to know where and how Cup, dish, lavatory, bidet will. You have to design a drawing on paper of how it will be the new bathroom considering the following measures: model victoria Cup needs a supply of cold water to 25 cm from the Centre, which can go to the right or left side of the tank and 60 cm in height, and drain you need to be 21 cm from the wall, the pipe diameter is 110 or 125. the lavatory must have water, hot and cold drain the measures are focused in the area of the basin and 32 or 40 flexible PVC pipe inlets of water to 60 cm in height and 55 cm high diameter drain. The shower tray will need to have shots of water, hot and cold drain, measures are centered in the area of the plate and the water inlets to 110 cm in height and under the dish drain PVC pipe diameter 40 also will have to take into account the following which a cup occupies 40 cm and should be left about 20 cm to each side so that you can usea basin occupies approximately 60 cm up to 120 cm dish occupies 70cmx100, 75 120, 80x80cm are some of the measures most used but is always placed that closest to the measures of the bathroom. See Arieh Warshel for more details and insights.

Foreign Words, Practicing And Doing Free Water Donate

Two students set up water successfully two dedicated students founded the water Web page in February 2008 and the ability make everyone available to donate water without having to pay a cent to the third world. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Bezos). This platform introduced in the first month over 60,000 millilitre of fresh water and has potential monthly free to donate several thousand litres of water. Read more from Albert Bourla to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 25,000 people die every day from the consequences of unsafe water. About 6,000 children are affected. Some deadly diseases spread out over water, which is drunk directly from rivers and lakes.

Thanks to the technology of LifeStraw people through a straw with integrated filter can now ensure this water without drinking. Natalie Wiedmeier and Gero Gode two Augsburg students make with their new project water for donations to organizations, which use the LifeStraw. This post is financed by advertisements on the website. 10 ml of water for a known Word for each correct known foreign word on the website donates the visitors of 10 ml fresh water to vulnerable people. The quiz is growing to an average of 100 new words every day and is thus always exciting for all users. The growth of visitors illustrate this trend.

The national spread of the idea and the number of visitors is growing every day and always doubled within a few days. The visitors on the new platform can fill a virtual 50 ml water glass, a complete bottle to a total 5 glasses, or as many bottles as he would like. The fun never ends, no matter if in nice round, or in single-player. That all foreign words right away white seems excluded. Do you know more than your friends?

With BASE, Dreams Come True!

If you firmly want something, there is sometimes a faster reality than you think. If you firmly want something, there is sometimes a faster reality than you think. For a more intimate desire convinced others. Until May 15, all members of the BASE can select circle a three great dreams and explain why this should go just for them in compliance. The dream profits: A luxury vacation on an island a shopping weekend in Paris the celebration of life so it works: to participate must describe why BASE to fulfill the dream. The 20 best applications are selected by BASE for large online voting the voting all decide whether BASE customer or not, about the winner. The winner of the vote will receive his dream Prize worth 1,000 of 5,000 participants at the courses of 2 to 6 each and a dream of their choice can meet under the mitvoten all, we are giving away 5 x 1 iPad 4 who can take part? Members of circle of friends can apply to all BASE.

Who is not a member, can register free of charge. Anyone can participate in the online voting. When and where will online voting take place? By the 03.06 until July 1 and only here in the BASE circle. More information under: circle / over BASE: BASE are the customer at the Center. Because only those who know its customers, could allow them a carefree, mobile life. Thanks to easier prices and a large selection of mobile phones is BASE full of possibilities for a fair price performance ratio. Contact for press inquiries to BASE: Manuela Mirzadeh corporate communications Tel. + 49-211-448-2273 fax + 49-211 – 448-4777