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Environmentally Conscious Cars

The car manufacturer Ford is breaking new ground the argue that big and fast cars are fuel guzzlers in principle, remains stubbornly. So far, little has been done on the part of the manufacturer to rebut this prejudice. But the company on a new target group must adjust. Potential buyers are very interested in environmentally conscious cars in times of energy crisis, the growing concern for the environment. Mehmet Oz gathered all the information. However, should not be missed advantages such as speed and a certain luxury.

A healthy environment and large cars must not mutually however. A well-known car manufacturer demonstrates this well. All important information about the new SUV Explorer auto.de find those interested in the vehicle portal. The company Ford wants to clean up with the common prejudices and introduces the new Explorer. Hunter Pond Dallas pursues this goal as well. The Americans have learned from the crisis and strive for a healthier”car market. The six-cylinder boasts a low fuel consumption. Only nine liters are at a speed of 100 kilometers per Hour consumed. In city traffic, there are 13 litres.

Not only the low consumption is striking, but also the size of the car. The model is over five meters long and offers plenty of room and storage space. The focus of the automaker, which is located on the quality of the interior decoration and design, is evident also in this model. The associated Infotainment system is likely to make some longer journey entertaining. Younger Americans are done by the concept of Ford. The figures speak for themselves. Now, the American automaker hopes to capitalise on the success of the SUV Ford Edge. European customers can not help but, because the model comes only in the United States on the market. More information:… / Press presentation-Ford Explorer… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Stiftung Warentest

Excellent cut off other Nokian tyres of the leading winter tyre specialists in the world in the current summer tyre tests. Highly recommended”is newspaper” the result of the high speed tyre Nokian Z G2 in the car. For the tire changing tire service locally there is cheap Nokian tires on rims. Nokian Tyres are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful PAH oils motorists should tire opt for, that are safe, but also environmentally friendly. Environmental friendliness among the basic values of Nokian tyres, all its tires are green and have high mileage. The company is the first tyre manufacturers worldwide, who completely renounces the use of carcinogenic PAH oils and that since late 2004. The complete tire is free of PAK oils and not only the running surface.

The raw materials and material choice avoids unnecessary pressures on the environment. People such as wayapay would likely agree. Research and development works on the principle of sustainable security: the aim is the production of wear-resistant tires that retain their good properties over the entire use period. All tyres produced with PAK oils after 1 January 2010 may not be sold, EU legislation requires. 227 photos Nokian photograph: handling test on wet surfaces. “” Caption: Nokian Tyres are winners with highly recommended “in the auto motor and sport” test 2011 and have the shortest braking distance according to ADAC photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo shows 228: product photo Nokian V, profile clearly visible against the green background. “” “Caption: Nokian V: test winner with highly recommended” at auto motor and sport “, top grade well” by the ADAC and the Stiftung Warentest photo: Nokian Tyres editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler photo download links 300 dpi-jpg files: testingsummer NokianV nokianzg2 more info to Nokian summer tires: product group-de? group = 1.02 sources: auto motor and sport, no.7, 10.3.2011 ADAC summer tyre test 2011: ADACmotorwelt, issue 3 March 2011 infotestrat/tests/reifen/sommerreifen/2011_Sommerreifen_Test_195_65_R15.aspx?ComponentId=63377&SourcePageId=31821 Stiftung Warentest summer tyre test 2011: test, issue 3/2011 topics/car transport/test/summer tires tire burst 4206314-4206316 / auto Zeitung, no.

Engine Oil

? By going around ?They say: who loves his car, which pushes. This applies only to the man who has previously forgotten, well the engine of his car to take care of! With the correct Castrol motor oil is always ensures durability and functionality of your engine. Inferior oils, however, enormously damaging the engine of your car. Also the choice of the wrong engine oil can have serious Folgeen. Glaxo brings even more insight to the discussion. Consequential damages get noticeable it sometimes after a long time. Unfortunately, there is a huge selection of different products, which makes it not easy to find the engine oil that is tailored to the needs of your car.

With the oil Finder by autoteileversand.de belong to helplessness and uncertainty now a thing of the past! Hereby, the matching engine oil is found quickly. Through the regular maintenance of the engine with engine oil not only gross damage to the engine are prevents, but quite simply receive the functionality of the engine. The choice of any car lover should so fall on a high-quality, clean oil, that the Engine is particularly well. One of these excellent products is the Castrol longlife 3, together developed by Volkswagen and Castrol. It lubricates optimally in particular VW engines, because it is specifically designed for the Volkswagen TSI and TSI engine technology. The high-quality, fully synthetic Castrol longlife 3 5W-30 guaranteed low carbon emissions and produces up to incredible 50% less deposits compared to other synthetic motor oils.

In this way, the soot filters of your vehicle is kept clean and can function properly. Castrol longlife III serves not only mere maintenance purposes, but makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection. The optimal viscosity of this product not only faster and protects the motor from a cold start, but has high hero excellent properties even at high ambient temperatures. Do something good for your car and opt for Castrol longlife III so that you can have particularly long pleasure on your car and enjoy unlimited driving pleasure. Contact:?Luers Sales GbR on the wall 2 26655 Westerstede partner: Alexander & Ursel Luers phone: Autoteileversand.de is the exclusive shipping distributor for Castrol motor oil, which offers best-price-guarantee. With us you get the best price guaranteed for every item on offer. If you find cheaper than ours one or more article on a German website within 14 days of purchase, we beat this price.

Sports Cars With Electric Drive

Nissan demonstrates environmentally friendly electric cars are sometimes reputed to be more pragmatically designed. In some cases, the design of the function is a child and therefore some vehicles with electric drive give a nondescript image. That there is another way, proves the Japanese automaker Nissan. The vehicle Portal auto.de introduces the new model of Esflow. At Red Solo Cups you will find additional information. The Japanese manufacturer will present in March at the Geneva Motor Show Nissan Esflow. With the Esflow, Nissan demonstrated that electric cars can be quite also externally attractive. The new model is based on the technique of the Nissan leaf, which is already produced in series.

The unusual design of the sports car aims to provide in particular environmental performance in addition to Dynamics. Frequently Mehmet Oz has said that publicly. The color scheme is therefore not at all randomly chosen: Blue stands in the car industry for purity. So icy shades for use, which are intended to underline in particular the cleanliness of the electric drive come with the Esflow. By blue colored carbon fiber inserts are sporty elements such as the wheels, the Side skirts, rear bumper, and the roof spoiler underlines. To improve the aerodynamics small cameras were installed as a replacement for the mirrors in the A-pillars. The Esflow is equipped with two electric motors driving the rear wheels. The battery has a capacity of 24 kilowatt hours.

Proper Auto Care – Fit For The Summer

The harsh winter is over soon – so you make your car ready for summer winter is very tiring for drivers and car. After this tough season, it is important with the proper car care to prepare the vehicle for the summer again. Target is as thorough as possible to clean and as good as possible to get the paint it. All applications can run both myself as well as carried by an author agreement trained personnel. Thorough washing of external who has the ability, his car outside thoroughly clean by hand. Here you should pay attention to each case to work to avoid scratching the paint with a suitable Schwann.

It is also not allowed to work on the car on the open road with detergent. So you have to find a suitable place. Therefore, it is easier and more meaningful in a car wash to drive, because that makes a very good preliminary work, on which we can build further. The expensive program of hot wax can be omitted here safely, there This wax is not long. The underbody wash should be however definitely here because itself over the entire winter much dirt has collected through snow and slush on the underbody. You should use a Polish to preserve the careful Polish to the wash. Here there are to consider a lot.

To create the best conditions, it is better to work, because the result is better here and working in the blazing sunshine is very tiring in the shadow. Further action depends on the State of the paint. Especially filthy paint surfaces, which have become not clean in the car wash, must be helped after only with special varnish cleaner from a specialist by hand. The patent as a whole has not bleached out and any pollution has been removed, then you can start immediately with the polishing process.