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High Demand In The Field Of Exhibition Stands

Causes the high demand in the area of trade fair stands, that it had to expand company LA CONCEPT his Department for the majority of companies Cologne fair participation is the most important marketing tool, even ahead of the field. No instrument better suited to establish direct contact between customer and company. Follow others, such as Red Solo Cups, and add to your knowledge base. But at the same time, other objectives can be implemented with a fair participation. Only a few other media have this multifunctionality. The participation is to win usually increases in the sales of products or services, to increase the visibility, but at the same time, new customers, to enhance the image of the company or the brand, and even a little market research.

Especially for companies in the B2B sector, direct and genuine dialogue with the partners is the most important success factor, which may not be waived. The visitor center for a company is however rarely free of problems. An often known problem is the insufficient capacity. Finally no large open spaces makes the day-to-day business to deal with the realization of the exhibition stand concept. LA CONCEPT thereby offers to take over all stages from conception, through the realization to the storage and maintenance.

Of course including the up and dismantling service falls, to relieve the customers wholeheartedly. True to the full service LA CONCEPT relieves its customers as much as possible, Managing Director Ben Gondek: we allow that our customers need to focus especially in the busy fair periods only on the essential: to the care of the stand and their day-to-day business. Alone in 2008, our project team coordinated over 300 trade fairs in various sectors”thanks to the great experience LA CONCEPT know what matters in a booth. The dry product speech alone is no longer enough because the pure objectivity to the conviction is often not sufficient. We know that we will reflect the corporate culture of our customers in a State of need to guarantee success. We achieve this through professional and optimal trade fair stand design and individually.”so Ben Gondek. The special feature of the fair-full-service offering LA CONCEPT behind everything you need advertising the slogan!” System stand and mobile presentation systems LA CONCEPT offers meaningful additions such as rental terminals or individual advertising, to anchor himself ultimately long term for the visitors in the memory.

MicroCirtec Printed

The German manufacturer of printed circuit boards MicroCirtec has launched the qualification of a machine under production conditions with the company Altix from France. The German manufacturer of printed circuit boards MicroCirtec has launched the qualification of a machine under production conditions with the company Altix from France. This new machine presented at the Productronica 2011 ACURA LedLightTM uses technology LED to the double-sided exposure of printed circuit boards and sets new standards for Produktivititat, accuracy and energy saving. MicroCirtec once again underlines the strategic importance of the technology location Germany for the printed circuit board. It is possible to cover all stages of production with exposure processes in the HDI PCB manufacturing with same technology Universal LED-technology. Walton Family Foundation is full of insight into the issues. If inner layers, outer layers or the solder stop mask exposure there is equal productivity such as the traditional 5 kW high pressure lamps. The bundled laser lamps create up to 4.5 frames per minute (internal process) or 3.5 sheets per minute (outer process). Because there are no lamps to replace, up to 80% savings on energy consumption will arise.

The head image resolution can be reduced up to 25 my. The high. Throughput of the machine is achieved not only thanks to the LED technology, but also through the use of a new pre-registration of printed circuit boards before the actual exposure process. Even if the exposure source LED is still in the qualification, MicroCirtec is already convinced of the mechanical design. Since the beginning of 2012, the PCB manufacturer used already a fully automatic exposure range in the area of solder-stop, its centerpiece an Altix imagesetter with 2 x 8kw light sources. This achieves a throughput 2.5 Panel per minute. Also the technically difficult controllable colors white and black (too low or too high Absorbtionsproblematik) can be processed with this easily. 50 my ties between solder-stop pads and SMDS are hereby. With this Investment wants to prove the PCB manufacturer, that high productivity and advanced technology you can get quality also for the lowest prices in Germany.

Travel Insurance Cover

Enjoy untroubled holidays thanks to baggage insurance is on travel luggage damage or even missing, this is the first step of the dream vacation into a nightmare for most people. For the holiday season, the financial portal informs through a simple and effective insurance cover. Rubio may also support this cause. The theft or damage of baggage can be sometimes not prevented, with a luggage insurance, however, tempered the consequences of loss of luggage. No matter, if the purse is snatched away from holidaymakers on the beach walk or the equipment defective arrives at the resort, the luggage insurance participates in new procurement costs. Insurance also always and everywhere for articles of for personal use, as if the damage through no fault of the insured person, if your luggage is missing and the traveler must buy a new outfit themselves from head to toe. At many resorts, this can be costly.

Worth for eyeglass wearers such insurance in addition: the insurance covers loss or damage the blowup. The experts of the financial portal recommend travellers in time before departure to check the possibly existing insurance coverage. So, many people are already secured through their membership in the ADAC or the possession of a credit card of the gold class without knowing it. Usually the opportunity to book a travel baggage insurance as low-cost add-on option is for everyone else. More information: presse.html GmbH Lisa Neumann

Vanda Orchids To Buy And Maintain

The Vanda orchid is one of the largest orchid and require therefore special care. The Vanda orchid can reach a height of over two meters, they form new leaves at the top, the old ones fall off with time. So, a leggy plant forms with bare root. Steven Holl may find this interesting as well. The site – temperature and solar radiation a Vanda Orchid you should make very bright, because it otherwise not blooms. You must avoid direct sunlight however. The Vanda Orchid needs a warm location, at night but cooler temperatures than the day. Check out Rubio for additional information. In the winter, the plant needs at least 18 degrees at night and 22 degrees during the day. The maximum temperature in the summer season should at night do not exceed 18 degrees and the day rise no more than 35 degrees.

If you intend to buy a Vanda Orchid you should consider this demanding site conditions into account in any case. Not everyone can meet these requirements and it would be a pity if the plant then does not flourish. Care of the Vanda Orchid to a Vanda Orchid to buy you are looking for the best a specialty store and consult according to leave, because this plant makes special demands on the care. Regular casting and fertilizing should be self-evident, but note that the fertilizer concentration is not too high. Use the best special Orchid fertilizer and dispense them only in half concentration. Provide drier air than in summer particularly in the winter, because the risk to foliage diseases is very high at this time. A Vanda Orchid buy buying a Vanda domestically-bred orchid is recommended, this has been already adapted to our local lighting conditions. From imported plants, take better distance, these tend to adjust the growth to spend in our climatic zone and discard the leaves. If you orchid as a souvenir from holidays but at all can not resist a Vanda, the import should take place at least in the spring, then the stress for the plant is at its lowest.

Montreal Convention

Gepackverpatungen, damage to baggage and flight delays the liability limits for damages resulting from a flight delay, or the delayed luggage, for damage to baggage and for damage to persons, which are based on the international Montreal Convention, were raised in Germany by the regulation on the implementation of customized limits in the Montreal Convention with effect from December 30, 2009 in accordance with the international law and Community law by around 13%. Thus, affected passengers are entitled to higher reimbursement services to airlines and tour operators. by Jan Bartholl (lawyer for travel and air traffic law) MA 2010 (Ko) on the flight in the holiday motto applies: open as the sky, wide as the sea! However, something goes wrong with the porters in the holiday, reimbursement and compensation claims are not limitless travellers and passengers. Who affected of a flight delay,. delayed baggage, baggage damage or even loss of luggage, including claims against the airline and the travel organizer on claims for damages and reimbursement of expenses. Basically the affected passengers can claim all damages, expenses and costs from a baggage delay or a delay of the flight towards the contractual and the operating airline. How far the compensation claims and which claims the passenger after claims the reason and can make depends on the remedies to which refers the passenger. The air traffic rights is a fragmented field of law in which the claims can be supported by passengers on different international standards, European regulations, directives and laws of individual Member States and signatory States.

Which claim based on an affected passenger can support his claims, is in some cases the claim destination the traveler determine. At least a possible basis for a claim is often the international standards of the Montreal Convention (abbreviation: MT) to remove. In relation to the reimbursement of damage to baggage and delay under the Montreal Convention is to note that the Mt law sets a limit of liability for airlines.