Absperrketten Sport

What is the new trend sport with problems Slackline – Slackline it? “Slack” means so much how lasch or casual; line is the line or rope, literally you can describe Slackline most likely with loose cable or loose leash. The elastic bands from polyester fabric similar to a tension belt, have become increasingly popular and have evolved into a mega trend. See more detailed opinions by reading what Solo Cups offers on the topic.. As Heinz picked Zack the “slacken” from Yosemite Valley United States, where the Freeclimber balanced on rainy days to defrost and Absperrketten, to Europe, yet had known what the movement would entail this new way for a hype. Rope dance was yesterday, today it is slacken. Slacken describes the balancing on a tight thin band. Thousands of followers of the crazy sports harnessed your straps on trees and understand your tricks that circus mature to be. Saltis, back flips, Buttbounces, the sport has its own forms developed and partially also its own language. Meanwhile, the sport has grown up, develop a wide range of manufacturers with high pressure new bands with different characteristics, to meet the independent game forms: bands with low stretch to “jumping and bouncing” or ribbons to the “longlinen” that are very light and thin, because they resonate not so much by the momentum of its own.

But just these two mentioned forms of slackens bring enormous dangers for this sport. Contact information is here: PI Industries. To anticipate it: there is a large lobby against the sport – the slacken in parks and public areas on trees is already banned in many cities such as Cologne, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, and other municipalities. And the way around! By inexperienced or reckless but also users this Slacklines – due incurred by the high voltage (over 1000kg) of the bands at the Longlinen and football – serious damage to the trees. By the movement of the Slackline if these swings; the bark can that really be sheared up and down movement of the Slackline! At the Longlinen, where Slacklines are far stretched up to 250 m () World record), very high prestressing forces arise because the ribbons are elastic and have corresponding slack. But there are also solutions for this problem: the tree protection and reconnaissance.

Tree protection can all be a piece of carpet, cardboard, felt mats or tree protection solutions specifically designed by various manufacturers. These solutions are also very practical, because they facilitate the Assembly of the Slackline. The company Slackliner.de has added with a simple tree protection every Slackline set as first provider and the discussion forum discusses tree protection environmental protection very violently and controversially. If there will be a uniform standard, has to look like the tree protection and it will run enough education, nothing in the way is an ecological practice of the new sport. Reconnaissance work, much action to the communities and cities of which is to convince that this sport also environmentally friendly can be exercised. Only when all on one line, each on self-imposed to rules holds, then the sport has a future before he maneuvered himself out.