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Ensure The Gas-bearing Rock Layer – Expected High Gas Deposits

Energy capital invest secures a plot in the Haynesville shale/United States has secured for their currently offered involvement, the U.S. Oil Fund IV KG, gas flow in the Haynesville shale / United States to the sensational price of the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest. Where others speak of counter-cyclical investments, we currently implement such “, says energy capital invest – Managing Director Kay Rieck. Because he was unable to allocate a total of three production units at a price of 7,500 USD/acre including all costs binding and has also already paid the necessary deposit. In the summer of 2008, 29.000 USD/acre for the same plot were commanded. Invested is doing in so-called mineral rights, so the rights to promote the existing gas deposits or to participate directly in the Forderertragen. /a>.

The financial crisis currently massive influences on the American energy industry. Order not to lose the already acquired drilling rights on land, areas or the already acquired many companies need to Separate mineral extraction rights; other example wise farmer try quickly, and that even with high financial losses, their land, and the drilling rights to sell. We’re “currently more than welcome” than paying cash Rieck explains. The acquisition only through direct cooperation was possible with some well-known land brokers locally, who work exclusively on their own account, but are involved in the potential gains of the Fund investments. In the messages, move currently regarding the recoverable gas reserves in the Haynesville shale, the investment site of the U.S.

Oil Fund IV KG. So invest plot was detected in the energy capital geologically, that the gas-bearing rock layer thickness of 254 ft, i.e. 77.8 m, has. The Haynesville shale in Louisiana, Texas, whose gas reserves were discovered in 2008, is the world with an estimated natural gas occurrence by 12-20 trillion cubic feet gas as the largest natural gas reserves in North America and thus a fourth. For the implementation of the breaking of the rock layers and for the promotion of the gas a specialist won, who is in this respect also for the major mining conglomerates Chesapeake and Petrohawk. Drilling permits on immediate neighbouring plots of the acquired area were already issued these companies. Currently, the drilling contracts will be tested in the United States. It is expected that with the hole already in July or August of this year can be started. Promoted in close proximity to the land secured by the energy capital invest up to 29 million cubic feet gas per day (mcf/d), the average being 20 mcf/d our calculation in terms of the maximum proportion of profit for investors from the increases in value of mineral mining rights are adopted promoting 5 mcf/d and a gas price of USD 4 that suspected by near gas flow rate but would mean a multiple of earnings and thus security for investors”, Rieck explained. Against the background of This development the energy capital invest further assumes that the maximum amount of profit for the investor as planned end of 2010 can be generated and the fund prospectus referred to in is resolved. Energy capital invest that Stuttgart-based company was founded only a year ago, he is one of mineral rights in the United States but with four set up investments in the special area the leading providers in this segment. The previously placed stakes run in as planned all distributions have been made as prospects. More information under:

The fear of global warming is the best that have ever invented researchers Copenhagen/Berlin, December 14, 2009 – the Copenhagen climate conference is in full swing. Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen puts it in a nutshell: we must not fail. It was all about in slowing global warming. Had to cope with two degrees above pre-industrial levels, but then is final. About 200 States come together, to prevent the worst. Our children to the disaster film the science fiction genre assign finally 2012 still by Roland Emmerich, not the documentary.

Just in time for 2012 the Kyoto Protocol runs out, brrrrr. But if we look closer, then many supposedly unique relationships around the global warming are somewhat more complicated. The debate begins: CO2 is an injurious gift even for the United States it is now officially the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has classified the greenhouse gas as injurious poison. The greenhouse effect does now exist for all, not an invention by Scientists’ more. \”Cheers the environmental protection organisation WWF, yes we can\”, the stern writes a great decision.

Thus, President Obama has more leeway in Copenhagen: if necessary, he can regulate emissions of carbon dioxide without congressional approval. Yet he offered a reduction of CO2 emissions by 17 percent by 2020, according to a report of the world. Source: Walton Family Foundation. Federal Environment Minister Rottgen surpasses: he wants to reduce emissions from all 40 percent by 2020. The ICT sector has done enough to even hearty to be encountered before the head. Because it produces now as much CO2 as the global aviation. This is so, but may not be. Because by 2050 the global industry must offer services in a nearly CO2-free, otherwise it is a little worse than expected with global warming. Companies such as Bizerba go ahead to lead by example. Let be the many travels and prefer to talk via video conference.