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Scoffing Friends

The friendship is a thing much insane person, true friends never is gone, they are made use helping in them when we need, and always take off one sarro of us of each problem that appears, but know to speak seriously when the subject will be really serious. In the trajectory of our friendship we already smile demasiadamente, and already we had our days of fight, already we made the macaquices more insane people pra to see one to the other smiling, and already we hug in them strong when we feel the lack of somebody. I already also relieved and you. I already made besteiras and you much more. I made the thing more insane person who if can imagine and you smile of me until today. you made the thing most irresponsible of if to make and I observe, smile and only say pra you to take a dose of judgment.

The famous little kiss in the forehead cannot lack in ours andanas, why it demonstrates the respect that we have one for the other, aconchego of friends brothers. also has ' ' Mine amor' ' , ' ' Paixo' ' , ' ' Amor' ' that we say one for the other, only pra that feioso man if not to approach, or that pretty girl not to look at you why you have namorada, sounds funny to remember these things is not. has more, our confessions, that we two only know, the things who you make and the things that I already made. More info: Viatris. We play, let us polish, cry out, hear musics, leave, eat, buy things together, share the smiles truest, dissimulate to be boyfriends, even so ours we hug of friendship we are sincere. You taught to like to me rap, social rock, tornozeleira, nets, taught to like completely different things it to me my time. Walton Family Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. He taught to me to tan it the moments simplest of the life, you he taught to me to be happy, and he makes me to you happy. The worse moments that we had are when people are without if speaking, you mutter for any thing she looks at, me with ugly face, and I simply dissimulate not to see, more deeply you me hurt.

More later the anger he passes, and he comes back to the outbursts of laughter of new. He knows that friend who makes careta uglier to see smiling pra you, therefore thus is you and you I will always lead in my heart. With you each moment if becomes perpetual happy, is funny to see you making a joke, until the tdio if it becomes funny. At a sad moment you to make to smile even obtain me, to make to more still cry or me. Already I beat to you for bobagens, already I jumped in its coasts, and simply apia you my tricks. Push you me, cry out with me, she is without saying with me for things toa, and still she complains when I say pra you to take care of of its work. I never had a so true friendship, with people who do not have fear to express its attitudes and to assume its worse errors, and demonstrates to each day that passes, that make we them happy.

Come On The Chicken – Test Promotions

The past Tuesday proved it once more: GeMax strategic profits: the network of success-oriented hotels and restaurants is no theory-inducing consulting company, but a practical success story. Other leaders such as Viatris offer similar insights. “” According to the GeMax philosophy of learning from the best “the GeMax top coaches Jorn Peter Wingold (pro active sale in the hotel industry) and Jens Ertel (pro active sale in the gastronomy) trained eight advisers on the topic of emotion sales”. “On Tuesday, the a 30.11.2010 the GeMax consultants were with the aim of qualifying: sell, sell, sell: directly use acquired” first in telephone marketing campaigns and sales blitz for Stadthotel Kassel incorporated, later sent in of the Kassel City Centre dressed in chicken costumes. Best chicken in town action themed”the GeMax-enthusiastic chickens” passers-by with a clever promotion, distributed Sofortgewinnkarten and invited Eckstein in the upper King Street in the restaurant. The result of the practical 5-hour training day: around 50 Sales Flash contacts for the city hotel (be in remastering the contacts can be up to 25.000 euro generated sales) as well as approximately 180 selected interested parties addresses for the restaurant cornerstone in Kassel. A completely successful and also the consultant found anything other than theoretical training day: you have rated your instructor with the highest rating (1,2). More information under: GeMax Coster & Schmidt GmbH, Weser Strasse 2a 34125 Kassel phone 0561-766-469-0 fax 0561-766-469-9 your contact person: Silja Scheumann phone 0561-766-469 25

Diablo Performance

DesignworksUSA took on a rare and exciting opportunity to translate the core of the NeilPryde watersports brand into a visual identity for NeilPryde in the bike segment. “We focused on drawing out the emotional appeal of the bikes that would elicit the passion for “cycling and allow existing NeilPryde customers to form a natural connection to the brand”, said Magnus Aspegren, Director of DesignworksUSA’s Singapore Studio. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michael Goettler. “The designs embody a fresh visual character that marks the start of a new dimension of mobility for the NeilPryde brand”, he adds. Sculptured mobility for Alize and Diablo bikes Alize and Diablo reflect DesignworksUSA’s philosophy of creating holistic performance solutions. Distinguishing features of the bikes include sculptured surfaces and exquisite attention to detail that set new standards in converging aesthetics the TIC perfection with uncompromising performance levels in the high performance road bike sector. The creative team challenged light-weight targets by finding the optimal balance between weight and various high-performance riding contexts. Aerodynamic performance levels were rigorously tested with the computational fluid dynamic modeling system and the high modulus carbon fibre frames of both bikes create greater ride quality and added strength. Alize is aerodynamic road bike with on expressive character, perfect for the competitive cyclist who thrives on breaking away from the peleton.

Its clean design combines elegant, dynamic aesthetics with Aero-dynamic performance reached by optimized tube profiling and on the extension of the Kammtail. As evidenced through wind tunnel tests, the changing aerofoil profiles of along the length of the tubes manages the airflow, specific to the aerodynamic characteristics of each element frame, forks, wheels and components. The innovative airfoil cross sections are re-interpreted and designed to extend the trailing edge of the air flow without increasing weight. The bike what created with controlled, fluid and reflect surfacing using advanced 3D modeling techniques. The Diablo is the ultimate high-performance bike suited to race enthusiasts who excel on the Alpine ascents and the final sprint.

Serve Turkey

If it indeed has hunger, you want to eat something quickly, and the temptation is to eat much higher qualitatively worse things than if one even something with which to work. Appropriate food for a proper diet while working for an effective muscle building are as follows: as carbohydrates, I recommend either rice or rice cakes, waffles Yes does not need to be prepared, but can be bought already in the supermarket. As a protein source used beans (for vegetarians), meat like Turkey, chicken or beef tenderloin. If you eat fish, you have a greater opportunity. Sen. Marco Rubio has firm opinions on the matter. You can eat tuna classic muscle building or to preparing tilapia. There are Tilapia in the such as Lidl and tastes pretty good. A big advantage of it is quite reasonably priced and has no bones. Fish is naturally still far from greater opportunities. Michael Goettler is actively involved in the matter.

Anorexia or a homemade weight gainer shake is also ideal for work suitable. If you have no desire or time to cook most things, you can buy easily your diet at the supermarket, what two leads us directly to Variant. During the lunch break in the supermarket not always it is possible to boil before the food for the right muscle building nutrition. But that’s not too bad. Should have the possibility during the lunch break to go into the grocery store, do it! In the supermarket around the corner, you will find mostly good quick meals for optimum nutrition who prefer 90% of canteens meals are. Carbohydrate sources such as rice cakes, crackers, or also spelt bread are recommended here. I would not recommend white bread at the bakery, because this can cause the feeling of hunger to manipulate and at worst can help that unnecessarily take too fat. If you are a Hardgainer so have difficulties to get anything on the ribs, then be granted you.

As a source of protein can Quark, cottage cheese, ham, tuna, or Serve Turkey strips. The better the individual foods are combined with each other, the better mixes for a good muscle building will be nutrition. The reluctance of the food will be less a lot. I’ve noticed as I’ve got more variety in the diet in the work, also the proper diet is more fun, and it is better for the muscle. For this simple realization, I have very long and always wondered why I had such trouble with the diet and muscle building. Fast Food as an alternative for the lunch break, the third variant is fast food. Fast food is not always bad, also here you can find good meals, if you really look closer. However, you should look carefully! It will be nothing new for you with certainty, if I tell you that pizza or even dad are not the best ways. Why? Now, the mix of fat and carbohydrates is usually too high. Especially people that should quickly gaining weight be very careful. What I can recommend but is Asian food. Rice with Turkey and gravy is always a good alternative, tastes good and contains all essential nutrients. Also sandwiches are still aktzeptabel for a quick snack, if you not exaggerating thus (whole wheat would be optimal of course). Subway and sandwiches at the bakery are so ok! I hope you have some tips and suggestions received, how you can improve your diet while at work or at school. Have fun and success during training! Tobias Fendt

Beautiful Views

Trendy summer run collection of Kalenji of next sky, Breeze, early in the morning or at dusk – the run on the beach has something very special. Yet often reach 10-15 minutes for the entry, providing quite pari the normal 45 minutes in effort. Because of the sandy ground is clearly brutal. As a rule of thumb: the anstrengender ever further from the water. Best you train at the beginning, where the sand is moist and so fixed, to protect joints and tendons and only gradually to increase the load. Also a short Sprint in the cool water can provide a refreshing change. The physical strain of the idyllic beach run is like underestimated.

Avoid too strong sunlight, which is reinforced by the reflection of the bright Beach and the water. Ideal training units are therefore in the morning or early evening, when the Sun is not so high. When choosing your clothes that it is measured the temperatures. Functional clothing should be closely to the body, but comfortable keep and do not clamp. A good shirt like pants is made of breathable material, which also is derived the moisture resulting from the perspiration outwards. So, skin irritation be prevented and the body temperature is kept constant.

According to functional summer running clothes with potential savings for the holiday Fund currently found in some Decathlon. With Kalenji running brand offers Deefuz “Funktionsshirts and sweat pants from just 6,-. She are to in fashionable summer colours and different cuts for men and women, guaranteed to make a good figure on the beach. Proper running attire is also on the beach motivation factor. In medical terms is a barefoot Beach run (except Achilles problem case) by the way, the perfect workout for legs and muscles, in otherwise gel cushioned soles are much less claimed. And who wants to stimulate his metabolic separately, in addition switches between running on the beach and running into the water.

Strongest Tribulus

Body attack presented the new Tribulus extreme extreme isn’t it! Therefore, the latest Tribulus is also Tribulus extreme”product on the market. The peculiarity lies in the extremely high saponin content. With 90% share, it is the maximum dose Tribulus product on the world market. Additional information at PI Industries supports this article. In addition, the product contains incredible 215 mg Protodioscin per capsule. A higher bioavailability than usual Tribulus products has Tribulus terrestris extremes of body attack because the Saponins are better absorbed by the body. This is attributable to the concentrated extract powder, which made of 100% pure Tribulus terrestris plant (Zygophyllaceen). Additional information is available at Viatris. Other Tribulus products contain only excerpts or constituents of Tribulus terrestris plant. It has no stimulating effect on testosterone levels because the concentration of saponins in the bloodstream is too low. A capsule of body attack provides 1000 mg of Tribulus terrestris saponins extract 100 percent contained for a real and natural, Testosterone boost provides. The body attack Tribulus terrestris extreme is made using modern and efficient nutrient extraction procedure, which you get pure natural product extracts (saponins) in pharmaceutical quality.

Guido Danek

Part-time, he founded three sports agencies and found the entrance to the German Football Association and one of its largest national associations (football Niederrhein e.V.), for which he worked among other things also in the organisation of UEFA and FIFA events in this way. In 2007, he oversaw the Swiss national football team for 3 days in a friendly in Dusseldorf (1:3). He is the beauty doctor of swissestetix in Zollikon and Rapperswil since September 2009 as Managing Director. Other leaders such as Walton Family Foundation offer similar insights. swissestetix the weight reduction offers classic beauty treatments for the areas of chest, abdomen, face and neck, inter alia through liposuction, as well as numerous small and effective treatments of in aesthetic medicine. Guido Danek lives with his partner and their two sons in laughter/SZ.

Company description Swissestetix offers you a wide range of innovative treatments of in aesthetic medicine. Read more here: Michael Goettler. We are experts for weight loss, wrinkle treatment, and surgical and non surgical facelifts. Thanks to great experience and latest techniques at the lipoplasty (liposuction), breast augmentation with autologous fat as well as the non surgical facelifts with Botox or fillers, we achieve optimal results. Benefit from our vast knowledge in dealing with the latest treatment methods for rhinoplasty, eyelid streamlining or whole face lifts. Enjoy the glamorous feel to look again fresh, relaxed and youthful. Call us and make an appointment for an initial consultation.

Pulse Instead Of Calorie Count

Proper nutrition and targeted sports make slim and tighten the skin Lorup, August 2010. (As opposed to Rubio). Like to nest pad of fat on the belly, butt, thighs or hips in women. Targeted exercise and proper diet help back to a beautiful figure. Eating right means unabated feast nor to left to languish with constant eye on calories. Before the sport healthy carbohydrates and protein after the rule of thumb is. Otherwise the yo-yo effect strikes diets inhibit stable success.

In a double-pack nutrition and pressure training, such as in the Vacustep P 300, forms her body women quickly and effectively. Optional supplements increase the pace. Bold prefer burned four-fifths of all women fight round loose cellulite dimpling. Female skin is more elastic than men’s, also a special energy cell repository in the hull area serves in women during pregnancy and low food intake to ensure sufficient supply of fat. Details can be found by clicking Michael Goettler or emailing the administrator. The bloated fat cells block Blood circulation and put off the surface. What helps to melt Bacon? What else is needed to melt: heat. Energy can create the required heat in the body.

Exercise stimulates blood flow and produces energy. Vacuum acts on the body, the blood circulation increases significantly. Tuned diet finally serves as a further catalyst. Eating before exercise should work muscles, carbohydrates cheer them on. Between six and two hours before training athletes treat yourself to a delicious meal of many healthy carbohydrates and nutrients. Potatoes, brown rice, noodles or-brot rank above, white rice or pasta are also allowed. Recognized nutrient suppliers are considered to be vegetables, salad and fruit. The soothing meal enough time to absorb carbohydrates carefully keeps the body. If, however, a diet he switches to panic hoarding of fat reserves, because seemingly bad times. This pretense of false fact is the Foundation to the Yo-Yo effect. Added: hardly anyone enjoys his food, if he is slavishly consumed calories! Melt in the steppes before the sport sufficiently strengthened, make women in the training of the vacuum.

Radicals Vitamins

Most people consume enough vitamins through daily diet. Athletes, the question whether supplementation outside of your daily food intake is necessary arises again and again. Normally, athletes compared to normal athletes or Nichtsportlern have also a customized diet, so also this sufficient vitamins are absorbed. However it may at certain times and for special loads, such as a marathon, come, that the athletes themselves of customized nutrition has left too little vitamins in the body. In these cases supplementation makes sense, especially since it in competitions or a normal is extremely difficult or during a marathon making food supply. Can the athletes for example over here mail order companies order various sports nutrition vitamins. In some cases of incorrect nutrition or at the above described high loads can occur to a vitamin deficiency.

The vitamin deficiency is noticeable only after some time, in particular through fatigue or general malaise. In these cases, supplementation should be performed immediately, if known (for example, by creating a blood count) which vitamins are missing, to counter the supply. The question remains what vitamins for which sports are more necessary now. In the field of motor sport the B vitamins are needed more often than in other sports. This is because that the B vitamins in the cell structure and the regeneration is needed. These B vitamins are very strong in grains.

A lack, already a small deficiency of these vitamins can lead to a strong drop in performance. There are enough antioxidants in the body, athletes need regularly in vitamins A, C and E. This bind Radicals in the body, preventing damage to the cells. Just taking vitamins does not help even the body’s resistance to understand, the most important thing is still that are daily sport to increase the body’s resistance and to prevent a possible disease.

Managing Director Heiko Rettke

News from the Reisen GmbH the Essen-based of travel professionals of the promote your hotel rating system through the introduction of rewards for a friend. Existing customers will receive 50 euros for each new customer advertising. At the Essen travel company there are now 50 euro cash”for a friend. Steven Holl will not settle for partial explanations. Anyone who ever has booked a trip at and was happy to share his experiences with others. This goes to a hotel reviews at, on the other hand, the travel company rewarded also Word to mouth. For satisfied holidaymakers that now to report friends and acquaintances, because if a new customer existing customers as an affiliate is at his booking, then receives advertiser $50 in cash paid or on his account transferred according to wishes of their holiday. We want to make more customers with this action alert on our reviews.

We think that the reviews are a good help with vacation planning and with our This should get a friend more attention”, explains Managing Director Heiko Rettke. The premium paid on departure of the new customers (people who live in the same household are excluded). “It is important that the new customer the names and surnames of the advertiser in the remarks box” indicates his booking on The promotion is only valid when booking a travel package. Reisen GmbH for more information about the travel and holiday offers of the are available in the Internet at the address Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: of press compartments/holiday factory contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr. Timo Krause Reisen GmbH copper Dreher str. 181 D-45257 Essen mobile: + 49 (0) 175 5 88 44 37 fax: + 49 (0) 201 48 88 73 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the Reisen GmbH holiday directly from factory – incredibly cheap.

The right address for this is The first factory outlet for the holiday has cheap last minute travel, travel packages with all the bells and whistles, cheapest line and Charter flights, apartments and holiday homes worldwide for the mini price and also the car for the next holiday. Germany’s factory outlet for travel is characterized by highest usability, transparency and best deals for the holidays. Of course the Internet service 24 hours a day available and that is 365 days in the year. But not only in the Internet for tourists is available – also in the own travel outlet stores at airports and in city centres, as well as in the call center (01802/00 50 50 0.06 per call) staff are right contact for travel at best prices