Active Holiday In Latin America

Hiking, horseback riding, rafting, canopy and many other activities on South America travel experience Leipzig, March 31, 2011 – active vacationers learn about the diverse landscapes and Latin America of a new page. Hot Springs, comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches offer relaxation after active days. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PI Industries. Latin America offers a wide variety of cultures, landscapes and sights. Each country whether Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru or Ecuador is characterized by individual and special locations and natural events. A bus tour is a way to explore a Latin American country.

Who designed your own holiday but like active, can choose from a wide range of sporting activities. Costa Rica is known for pristine nature and therefore is ideal for compact – and hiking tours. On a hiking trip, tourists have the opportunity to gradually meet the regions visited and to sharpen the eye for plants and animals. The trekking tours in Costa Rica run by rural areas, volcanoes, along plantations and through the lush rainforest. Breaks long inserted for bird and wildlife viewing. Relaxation offer many natural swimming pool in”rivers and waterfalls as well as thermal baths.

Ecuador is also a very attractive country. Different climate and vegetation zones are located in a confined space. For an active holiday in Ecuador tours on the Cotopaxi Vulkan are riding tours through the Andes, walks with varying degrees of difficulty, as well as canopy and rafting mountain bike. For extreme sports, there is also the possibility of the Pastaza Valley bungee jumping to participate in. The world-famous Galapagos Archipelago also belongs to Ecuador and may be roaming on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike. Unique diving spots also attract divers and snorkelers to Galapagos. Peru holidays and cultural programme combines naturally with each other. A trekking leads tour of Peru Archaeological sites of the Incas and other important cultures past. The world-famous Inca Trail is the best example of this. Inca sites like Winay Wayna hike from Cusco to the world heritage site of Machu Picchu, where the hikers are challenged by high Andean passes, are on the way. Because daily only 500 hikers (guides and carrier included) are approved for the Inca Trail, there are alternative routes with impressive Inca sites at the destination: for example, the Salkantay Trek or the hike to Choquequirao. The Colca Valley in Arequipa and Huaraz in the North of Lima are alternative trekking areas. “Who in the holiday much movement, sporting challenges, or even some thrill” needs, finds the appropriate destination in Latin America with security.