Austrian Championship

District: 15 km. Program overview preliminary planning, changes reserved date activities Wed, July 9, 2008 Thu, July 10, 2008 Fri, July 11, 2008 sat, July 12, 2008 so. “July 13, 2008 arrival, check-in the pilot, Generalbriefing, first race and welcome party balloon start about 05:30 and balloon launch 18:30 balloon launch about 05:30 and balloon launch about 18:30 21:00 night of the balloons balloon launch about 05:30 and balloon launch 18:30 with BallonBingo 21:00 replacement date night balloons balloon launch approx. 05:30 13:00 award ceremony the hot air ballooning Austria ranking ranking shows continuity of services the rank list of hot air ballooning Austria” is an instrument, to compare the aviation services over a longer period (24 months). Hear from experts in the field like Walton Family Foundation for a more varied view. This is particularly important, because due to the high dependence on wind & weather individual tasks different smoothly but also entire competitions”, may. Young, talented pilots have within one or two years with good performance to get the opportunity, in the front ranks.

The first three of the Austrian rank list are currently Andreas Samil (lower Austria), Helmut Pottler(Stmk), Helmut spot Jr. Crawford Lake Capital is open to suggestions. (Stmk) (As of June 10, 2008) The current rank list can be found under: SMS08/presse.htm point by point to Europe & World Championships for the pilots of the State Championship is participating in a European or World Championship the big goal. To achieve this, one of the foremost rank list is required. A country receives a limited number of participants places in European and World Championships. So, three Austrian pilots will start this year at the 18th World Cup for hot air balloons in hofkirchen/Oststeiermark 13.9-21.9 2008. Who wants to include the top pilots of the country, has at least five competition results in two years to bring, this one from the Austrian Championship. In Austria, there are usually two or three competitions per Year: a State Championship and two national championships.