Golden Years

GOLDEN YEARS and the things if had been! The worlds had been broken in rombudos pieces. The shames had lost to the esperteza myths had turned novels twine and the dreams, ah the dreams, this still continue to pack my life lived candy Life lived pieces. Pieces that if find in my empty mind of homesicknesses, Therefore old homesicknesses are pieces of hidden tears. True homesicknesses are the homesicknesses of yesterday. Of the smile hidden for infantile fingers Of fingers and touchs that still bubble in my veins Veins that make to run the blood of adventures Adventures that are only dreams when not lived. It is candy to dream of the life of dreams chosen Life, without retouchings. Life insane.

Wonderful life! Wheel life, rolls the world. Slopes, valleys, rocks, plains. Life while life. Dreams, colors, brightness, rains, dews and dawns. Life while dream. Life, ' ' vidona' ' , vidinha, my candy life. Alive the life. If it leaves to dream.