Manual Format

If everything is connected properly, then we will see at the bottom of the red band of the process of reading data. Once the process is completed, we will see the information required: at the bottom left of the specified processor type, and the right data on the labeling of memory chip phone. 128 megabits corresponds to 16 megabytes, 64 Megabit – 8 mb and 32 Megabit – 4 megabytes, respectively. In that case, if the data volumes are incorrect, it should abort operation and distort phone battery (we recall that distort the battery – means remove it and reinsert it). After that prescribes the correct address and repeat the operation. Now we can move on to formatting phone.

We pass on the Download tab and choose the command Format (It shows colorful circular arrows). We are faced with a choice: reset to the factory or an indication of their own. Choose the second option Manual Format fat. In the introduction of addresses you must enter the appropriate values for memory and 16 megabytes 0x00E50000 0x001A0000. A second click button on the phone. If the bottom we see a green bar, it says that the format was successful. In the case of problems with turning on your phone after format, it is necessary to prescribe different values in the input box addresses, namely: 0x00E00000 0x00200000 for a 16 mb 0x00700000 0x00100000 for 8 mb 0x003F0000 0x00010000 to 4 mb. Consider another interesting program from – mtk Repair. It can help us in if the phone is more dead than alive.