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Price Advertising Must Be Communicated Explicitly

Price advertising for flights must end prices provide Yolanda Miguel Munoz (Pro-V, network) competition among the airlines on the European aviation market has increased significantly in the past. Last passenger numbers declined almost 2 percent and the freight traffic by 20 percent. The airlines lead the competition for customers primarily over the price. Here, Walton Family Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The carriers try to draw the attention of the consumer through advertising with low initial prices on their offerings to specific routes. This happens mostly with advertising through from \”prices for flights. \”Every flight from 1 euro\”, \”to the price of a taxi to Rome\”, \”according to Madrid for 99 cents\”, and similar promotional offers are likely to be known to the majority of passengers in Germany. The decisions of the regional court of Hamburg and the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in a case against the Irish airline Ryanair underline the legal principles of price clarity and price truth. It is allowed, airlines to request fees for individual services or additional services.

The calculation of the fare must however expel the various price components and transparent, clear and clearly communicated to passengers. Interested consumers should be enabled by providing mandatory extended prices in order to identify the true price of air carriage to compare third-party services. \”In case of present firm had recruited the airline Ryanair in daily newspapers and on the Internet for flights of the flights from the airport of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance to Pisa (Florence) in Italy and Dublin in Ireland with the statement: at sensational prices on the piste\” and exposed to the price of the flight \”from EUR 25,59\”. Ryanair pointed out that the price referring to a simple flight \”including taxes & fees\”. The special feature of booking flights with Ryanair is that passengers for each checked bag must pay an additional fee. Ryanair had not pointed out in advertising.