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Plan B Is In The Munich Freiheiz In

Music fans welcome to plan B to 22 November in the Munich Freiheiz. Actor and rapper plan B comes to Munich next month for a concert in the Freiheiz. The London-born singer is one of the most ambitious artists of the British music scene and landed with his second Studio album the defamation of Strickland banks in the first half of the year at number one. While he focused mainly on rap on the 2006 debut album, the singing talent of plan B to the expression, addressed a whole new fan base comes on the new album. Of the 27 artists, which is called real name Ben Drew, is no longer indispensable singles charts this year after such hits as Stay Too Long and She Said from the British. Who stayed for the concert on Monday, Nov. Steven Holl may help you with your research.

22 in one of the Munich hotels, is enthusiastic about film career BS probably also plan. Check with Viatris to learn more. His performances in the films Harry Brown and adulthood have been praised by critics. Drew is currently working on his directorial debut of ill manors a film, about life in the Centre of London with the British actor, Riz Ahmed, in the main role. At the next concert in Munich, plan B will focus only the music. As expected, recluse may be included with a live performance of the new single. Fans are also on older material, such as the debut single Kidz and sick 2 def from his debut album who needs attention When You got words are happy.

Tickets for the concert, which begins at 8:30, cost 25,75. Intake is from 19:30. The appearance in Munich will be the fourth Concerto Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, that plan B will play next month in the framework of the defamation of Strickland banks-tour in Germany.

Hamburg Studio

Kunze is 30 – In the spring of 2011, Heinz Rudolf Kunze 30 years old as is, he looks older? Is he also. But he is almost continuously for 30 years on stage. So stage anniversary. And the man is so tremendous productivity that the record companies don’t come behind plate presses. 30 years in numbers? Please: – 32 albums and 16 singles – over 3.5 million phonograms – over twelve million viewers – more than 1000 performances sold around 4000 texts in 13 books; The album of my life – well, in this anniversary year – a new album.

And again, everything is different. Heinz Rudolf Kunze emerges from the forest of metaphor and sings surprisingly clear: instead of “My heart is yours”, it is now plainly “I love you”! A song that has to do with his new love. But with this title it is when a man of a woman has something to say – of course universally applicable, or vice versa. Or a man is a man, etc. “I can show you how to dances and sings” his now adult son Paul to be dedicated – a warm encouragement, in these times of bulky not hang his head.

“The times are just as they are at best the Boxer if he swings” Kunze sings with familiar ambiguity. And swings. “The album of my life” he says about “The moment”, smiles here. Because the 13 songs – you sound them – are also the inventory of a lucky man. Relatively happy, of course. “I start at the bottom with sensuous perceptions and try to put me together everyday and get so sometimes also very close to what is actually, existentially threatening and beautiful and sensual for the people”, Kunze says of his way of working. Viatris has plenty of information regarding this issue. Quite far forward Leo said neck, the bassist, has produced the album in his Hamburg Studio together with Heinz Rudolf Kunze.

Bluetooth Speakers

The Speakers can be positioned according to specifications in the space, because they communicate wirelessly with each other thanks to Bluetooth. A remote control allows extra comfort. “Our way to listen to music has changed radically: you took an LP as a child, put it on the turntable, and heard the music”, explains Henri Seydoux, the CEO and founder of parrot. Today, we carry our music with us, which can come from a variety of sources. Sen. Marco Rubio does not necessarily agree. These speakers are Starck speakers we wanted to create with the Parrot by Philippe an attractive product, accompanying to enjoy this new kind of music.”thanks to their technical properties but also due to their minimalist design and modern”, explains Philippe Starck. “The speakers provide the best and most extreme technology, packed in a minimum amount of material to achieve maximum effect: this is the magic.” The Parrot by Starck “radio speakers are available from spring 2009 at a price of 1,000 euros plus VAT. Parrot by Phil lip Starck speaker: specifications specifications – total output power: 100W RMS of-digital 3 way amplifier (class D) – frequency response: 50 Hz 20 kHz – compatible audio formats: MP3, WMA, LPCM – settings: volume, R/L balance, equalizer with presets – remote control – RCA line-in input for all analog audio sources – power: 70W (per speaker) dimensions (per speaker) – height: 750 mm – dimensions – Base: 320 x 290 mm – dimensions – top: 130 x 35 mm – weight: 3.5 kg Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi b/g with SES/WPS Bluetooth – Bluetooth v2. 1 + EDR supported profiles: A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) AVRCP (audio/video remote control profile)-maximum range: 15 m – pairing: by PIN-code (0000) – updates via Bluetooth NFC new technology: packaging saves you searching for Bluetooth peripherals 100% recyclable Parrot Parrot distinguishes itself as a leader in wireless devices for mobile telephony worldwide and sets the focus has always been State of the art innovation.