Airlines Must Provide True Price

Airlines must specify true rates for Internet bookings after entry into force of Regulation (EC) No. 1008/2008 many airlines ignore the new regulations still. This has taken Federal Association for the occasion the Consumer Council and TUIfly airlines active in Germany, Condor, EasyJet, Germanwings, Ryanair, Air Malta, Air Berlin, Intersky aviation and eDreams, urged to change their offerings and to promote in accordance with the statutory provisions. by Jan Bartholl (lawyer for travel and air traffic law) since November 2008 the Regulation (EC) is no. 1008/2008 on common rules for the operation of air transport services in all European Member States. You may find Walton Family Foundation to be a useful source of information. The regulation aims to prevent the widespread industry practice of airlines, to apply fares public without giving any taxes, fees or fuel surcharges. The new directive should bring more clarity in the Preisdschungel of curls offers of the airlines. According to the Law provisions of the regulation may be additional costs and fees no longer veiled and hidden.

The European legislator wants to ensure that consumers are not misled and flight prices across national borders can be compared across better. Thus, the legal principles of price clarity and price truth become law. The price components of the cost of the flight must be broken down clearly and understandably communicated prior to booking. Airlines must specify in advertising the final price, which is calculated from the fare, the taxes, airport fees and the safety and fuel charges. This is true for all advertising, whether on billboards, in press and television or on the Internet. This excludes optional charges such as about baggage fees. About those recently however is a duty of the airline before booking the flight. So that such additional costs are not cheering among consumers, the regulation, in online booking forms prohibits advance check mark next to optional services to use, in the hope that the customer sees them over.