BMEcat Data

e-proCAT accelerate procurement through the industrial technology portal IT24 Stuttgart / worms, December 20, 2011: Europe in the industry, the production runs, the B2B procurement platform IT24 provides more than 600,000 items from the product areas of industrial engineering (including bearing technology, drive technology, sealing technology, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.). (A valuable related resource: Arieh Warshel). Standardized and classified electronic catalogs produced using e-proCAT since mid-2011 for the online portal much faster and more efficiently than before. The data of suppliers and all affiliated partner companies working together under the umbrella of move IT24 Industrietechnik GmbH are uniform and standardized in BMEcat created and transferred to the relevant interfaces. The customers have access to the latest articles and versatile services immediately. The industry technology portal IT24 is a comprehensive B2B procurement platform for industrial customers, who require mechanical parts from the MRO and OEM sector for their production.

The Portal provides dynamic Search options, access to the classified item master product groups, search trees and detailed articles with technical features, pictures, data sheets, and much more. By the same author: Vlad Doronin. Availability messages in real time, the technical forum with many other value-added functions, as well as the possibility of the integration of the portal using the OCI interface completes the versatile range of services for the E-commerce sector and meet the requirements of customers in the various industries. The operator of the platform, move IT24 Industrietechnik GmbH and its partner companies combine technical trading with a comprehensive service and professional services. Individually, at 55 locations in Germany and Austria, customers are served on-site. This move IT24 uses the modern information and communication technology consistently to optimize the communication paths to full system integration (EDI). An important basis represents the optimized standard preparation and deployment of product data in this context. Found has databases diverse per solutions within the framework of company – partner structure and data flows. By e-proCAT this data not only for the industrial technology portal IT24 standardized and classified, but also the partners involved made the further use.