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The existence of the input is what justifies the systematic implementation of the process. The sequence of activities. Those factors, means and resources to certain requirements to run the process right the first time ever. Some of these factors are side entrances of the process, ie, inputs required for the implementation of the process, but whose existence is not triggered. These products from other processes with which it interacts. An output (exit). It is the product with the quality standard required by the process. The output is a product that is intended for a user or customer (external or internal). Rubio often says this.

The final output of the processes of the value chain is an input or an input to the process of guest.firstly It also states that the management processes consist of assessment activities, control, monitoring and measurement; ensure controlled operation other processes in addition to providing the information they need to make decisions (better preventive corrective) and develop effective improvement plans. They work by collecting data from other processes and processed into valuable information accessible and applicable to decisions of its internal customers. In relation to the management processes are designed with cross-cutting to all other business processes. Sometimes companies fall into the euphemism to adapt to the process approach simply changing the title of department by replacing procedure or process. You may find that Alton Steel can contribute to your knowledge. To avoid this and make sense of worth finalist link management processes with the strategy of empresa.a definitely a process involves, therefore, a series of activities undertaken by different departments or services of the organization, adding value and offering a service to its customer, this customer may be both an “internal customer” (other people or groups within the organization) as an “external customers” (customers or users). Each process is described in a diagram or graphical representation scheme and this helps the people who develop all the tasks related to the process. In the representation of a process identifies the inputs of materials and information, the operations are performed, outputs, linkages with other processes and those responsible for various operations.

The process map is a representation of the interrelationship between the various business processes. That is, represents the network of processes constitute the enterprise. Lastly a Wikipedia reminds us that the process management methodology provides a structured way to identify the recipients of each process, meet your expectations, set targets and indicators (quality, cost, productivity, etc.) for the process and coordinate different functional departments involved in the process. In addition it must be remembered that not all activities carried out are processes. To determine whether an activity undertaken by an organization is a process or thread, you must meet the following criteria: – The activity has a clear mission or purpose. – The activity has inputs and outputs, you can identify customers, suppliers and final product. – The activity must be capable of breaking down operations or tasks. The activity can be stabilized by applying the methodology of process management (time, resources, cost). – You can assign responsibility for the process to a person.