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Val Gardena

Even if the topic of in-game advertising’ still in some countries skeptical evaluated, we show how it works successfully. The mobile version of the ski challenge and their additional distribution shows that there future potential lies.” Of the ski challenge 09 is there this year for the first time several mobile versions in three languages, so the gameplay and maintaining high score also can continue on the road. Audience favorite ski challenge 09: technical news spectacular innovations characterize the current ski challenge 09 “: stark advanced and updated slopes based on real models, such as Val Gardena or the world championship course of Val d ‘ Isere, provide easily accessible game a still prickelnderes racing experience. Completely reimplemented was the World Cup track Garmisch-Partenkirchen, on the simultaneous to the local weekend virtual Championships from 30 January to 1st February 2009 are held. Most interesting highlight: players get with the new Group races “feature the possibility to invite members of their ski group to private tournaments.” Up-close World Championships feeling creates ski challenge 09 ‘ with enhanced graphics and sound effects, detailed route objects (audience, marshals, tents etc.) and realistic advertising for in-game advertising. Overall, there is the ski challenge”in the 5th season of even more user friendly, even more versatile, nor motivierender and more realistic than ever before. For the first time this season the ski challenge also from the Web browser can be played increase the user experience to an additional nuance.

See the following link to learn more news, tips and tricks, features, and more: about Greentube AG: Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. founded in 1997,. Since 2000 company and majority owned by the founder, the company many well-known portals and games websites with skill-gaming technology supplies. Greentube is expanding worldwide. Focuses on the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers.

California December

Racing game fans rejoice – Aeria games does need for speed world in the program in Santa Clara, California December 07, 2011 – Aeria games, one of the top suppliers in terms of Play4Free, offering now also the EA hit need for speed world in its global network. Including a six month exclusivity for the Latin-American market. Following up on the successful launch of Battlefield Heroes this year, need for speed is world of the second title, which Aeria games from the accepts the offer by EA in Free2Play now. The popular action racing MMO is users online in the network by Aeria games so far in five different languages available. In addition to the previously released versions, however, more to follow in English, Polish, French, Spanish as well Portuguese.

Need for speed world combines the thrill of the illegal street race with profound development of the role play game style and an involvement of vehicles in a gripping, socially networked need experience for speed. Players can compete against each other, whether against friends family or a selection of thousands of top players is Aeria games to face the challenge of intense online battles and chases with the police at nearly 250 km circuit through a sprawling world to deliver, with a distribution in 30 different countries and as many online games, one of the world’s leading providers of free games. Credit: Cradle Systems-2011. With the launch of need for speed world, absorbs Aeria games of one of the games in his repertoire, which has the most adrenaline in itself and makes it as always free access to his power-gamers. Speaking candidly Crawford Lake Capital told us the story. To obtain more information, please visit needforspeed.aeriagames.com. Rather, the rapid growing community by Aeria games, are games the provider of accessible high-quality about Aeria games. With more than 24 million power players and a wide range of development partners quickly reached Aeria games a top position among the suppliers of free online games.

After the establishment of 2006 with in the United States opened soon also positions in Brazil and Germany. From the outset released and produced Aeria games of high quality MMORPG’s, now now even on nine different languages in over 30 countries. The company has the technology to offer compelling services, both for the community and the development partners. AeriGames platform, the players enjoy a wide range of genre and benefit from global access on their personal favorite game, whether from the PC, browser, tablet or smart phone. Aeria Games offers developers a rapid entry into the spheres of the global entertainment market. The alignment of the gaming platform will allow manufacturers of new games quickly and easily to integrate them, to make them accessible to a broad mass of power players. No genre remains uncovered by the Fantasy MMORPG, via the FPS up to going to the anime-style social game as well as MMO from Aeria games. If you want to learn more, visit us at.