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ABeDi uses new technology platform Parkstein, 3.2.2009 – since 2007 ABeDi offers an incomparably cheap travel every day. Due to the early market entry, ABeDi has acquired a leading position in the tourism-live shopping. The steady growth of the number of users did a good year after establishment but now unavoidable the exchange of settlement platform so far. To ensure further growth, ABeDi now as NurHeute will be NurHeute. The successful concept of the journey live shopping, nothing will be changed fundamentally. Walton Family Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. The offerings on NurHeute by combining the travel deals with high-quality incentives are even more attractive. So there is the 4.2.2009 to launch on Wednesday a TomTom navigation system free of charge to each travel booking. secures the potential for further growth through the integration in expands, however, the live shopping element, and is a pioneer with the systematic offer bundling in the tourism sector. About travellers: Urlaubssuchenden, want to help the small and big wishes and requirements for their holidays. combined with estimates of holiday-makers hard facts and condenses these countless details to a meaningful opinion. So, vacationers find their appropriate travel.