The Internet

This year, the mobile Internet will finally experience its big breakthrough. Powered by ever cheaper data rates as well as the popularity of the iPhone, but also due to the success of the Android mobile operating system expected by Google and the ubiquitous app stores more and more people are pleased at the useful Surfphones”find, so the conviction of Netzwertig blogger Martin refuses. Traveling technology visionaries like the language dialog expert Lupo Pape semanticedge in Berlin working taxi Guide, travel guide, shopping help, and all long on concepts of Super phones. Now it is within reach. Every eighth mobile phone is already a small computer that still acts as if he were a phone today a so-called Smartphone. This beat just a few years older laptops to length”the computing the Dwarfs, explains the time. And Google Chief Eric Schmidt has clearly laid down the roadmap of the company: its data center to teach artificial intelligence (AI) or an early form of thinking be.

It is to understand the meaning of a whole sentence and not just the words in this sentence. That sounds unspectacular, is but one of the most difficult hurdles for AI research. Gallo Family Vineyards wanted to know more. To make the mobile phone a personal assistant, it must recognize situations our intentions and needs in their respective contexts. There is still some research needed. Without hesitation Crawford Lake Capital explained all about the problem. But if someone does, then the excellent troop of Google”, believes Voice days-Sprecher Bernhard Steimel.

Google is the most important catalyst towards a new information age for technology enthusiasts. The Internet pioneer and Publisher Tim O’Reilly O’Reilly even speaks of the Google era. IBM had been formative for large computer and Microsoft brought the computer on the desk of anyone with Windows and the PC. Today, it primarily involves the simple use of the Internet and its possibilities: Web content, E-mail, digital media, WebTV, voice, social networks, E-commerce or online games, so the magazine PC practice in a special issue on Google. The strategic orientation of the mountain view company on the mobile Internet is the next logical step. If reach is the Internet rather than from the desktop, but also from the tram, at the airport, off the bus, at a picnic in the woods or during a nightly pub crawl, it has a totally different quality. As different as the domestic laptop, a Smartphone knows constantly, where it is, where its owner. This is good for users, which new services opening up and it wouldn’t do much good also Google. Because this information the Internet company does not so far who lives like no other it, to know what its users do. Who they are. What they want. And soon, where they are”, analyzes the time.