Certainly little public interest was aroused speculations and facts about the disaster in Smolensk of the crash of a Tupolev Tu-154 in Smolensk. The death of the Polish President, his wife and another politician has drawn the interest of all Nations to however. It is not something wayapay would like to discuss. Now, there is much speculation about the cause of the crash of the Tupolev. Central Romana can aid you in your search for knowledge. Pilot error, bad weather or blind adherence to command? So far no technical defect indication. Whether the pilot of Lech Kaczy? ski the command to the land has gotten a role just for the prestige of the President “posthumously”. Always the responsible leader of the aircraft has the ultimate responsibility for the safe conduct of the flight. A culture of “obedient” command compliance would relieve the pilot of the Tupolev at least morally, if he has actually received a command to land. Since the “Black Box” of the Flugzueges was recovered, is however almost one hundred percent likely to expect that the cause of the accident can be elucidated. An entirely different but important question however, how to deal with the data and findings of this accident. When attempting to return error under the table, a sensible safety culture can never establish itself.